Surf en la Antártida: el desafío de Ramón Navarro


Surfing in Antarctica: Ramón Navarro's challenge

Today we want to share with you this interesting video, produced by Red Bull, about the adventure of surfing in Antarctica. The constant search by the Chilean surfer Ramón Navarro for big waves on the coasts of his country led him to run his greatest adventure; the challenge was to travel to the southernmost point of the planet and become the first man in the world to practice Tow-in on the white and frozen continent. Do not miss the video:

Ramón Navarro is a Chilean big wave surfer whose career began when, at just twelve years old, he learned to surf by watching other surfers . His parents instilled in him to pay attention to his studies because they didn't believe, even remotely, that he could make a living surfing in the future.

In 2012, during the Volcom de Cloudbreak in Fiji, an unrepeatable swell and never seen before, Ramón and the world surfing elite, who were there at the time, took the opportunity to face these historic waves. It is said that Ramón Navarro managed to surf one of the best waves of the day, and possibly of his career, during this session, establishing himself among one of the legends of big wave surfing.