Los deportes más curiosos de invierno


The most curious winter sports

We all know the most common winter sports such as skiing, snowboarding or ice skating. But there are plenty of wacky sports out there if you want something a little different.

At The Indian Face we want to help and that is why we have searched for some of them, to give you a brief description so that no one is left without their favorite winter sport.

The most curious winter sports

  • Snow Kayaking: can also be done in dunes, if you prefer warmer environments. You only need the same tools as in its most common version, the kayak and the paddles, and a snowy slope to descend.

  • Snowsurfing: there are two aspects, one of them combines surfing and the other windsurfing with snow. So the biggest difference between the two is that in one the board has a sail and in the other it doesn't, which makes it very reminiscent of snowboarding.

  • Downhill Ice Cross: the fastest sport in the world, the participants of these ice races descend through complicated circuits on skates, with hockey-specific protections, reaching 50km.

  • Yukigassen: The Japanese Snowball War, each team consists of seven players who throw snowballs at each other in this free-for-all. Now it has become a very popular sport, especially in Northern Europe.

  • Skijöring: this sport is based on a horse, a dog or dogs, or a motor vehicle pulling a person who slides on skis. It used to be a typical means of transportation in Scandinavia and Alaska.

  • Wok Racing: It has been developed a lot in Germany, as television entertainment, the name is because the contraption on which the participants slide is a Chinese wok.