Las Tablas de Surf



Are you going to buy a board from surf and you don't know where to start?
There is so much variety of surfboards on the market that when you are a beginner you don't even know where to start. As we know that buying a board is a complicated decision, here we make a classification of the most representative models according to the following criteria:
  • According to its size and shape: small, medium, large, etc.
  • Style and level of the surfer: low, medium, high, traditional style, aggressive, etc.
  • Type of wave: big, small, tuber, fast, soft, etc.

Body boarding

Description: Synthetic polyethylene surface, with good buoyancy, paddling is done with specific fins and is ideal for both small and easy waves as well as big waves, tubes and shallow waves.
Measurements: Medium sizes 1,40 at 1.50 m approx.

Level: Beginners to experts.


Description: Surfboard with good thickness, great buoyancy, good paddling and usually have a fish tail. Ideal for small and medium waves with little force.
Measurements: from 1.75 to 1.83 m. approx.
Level: Medium-high


Description: It is the most common surfboard, it usually has three fins, a sharp nose, little buoyancy and great maneuverability. They are versatile for different types of waves.
Measurements: over 1.75 m. approx.
Level: Medium-high


Description: Surfboard of great volume and buoyancy, it usually has a rounded nose and is easy to paddle. Preferably for medium waves with little force.
Measurements: from 2.10 to 2.40 m. approx.
Level: Ideal for beginners.


Description: Large and long surfboard, smaller than a longboard, stable and with good buoyancy, has good paddling and preferably for small and medium waves with little force.
Measurements: from 2.40 to 2.50 m. approx.
Level: Medium Beginner


Description: Long surfboard with a sharp tip and tail, it is used for big waves, they allow you to pick up a lot of speed.
Measures : from 2.15 to 2.80 m. approx.
Level: High or very high.


Description: Large size surfboard, lots of volume and buoyancy. They can have from 1 to 3 keels and a rounded nose. They are easy to paddle but difficult to climb in big waves. Ideal for long, small and medium waves.
Measurements: from 2.80 to 3 m. approx.
Level: From inexperienced to experienced.