Las tres playas más bonitas del mundo para tres gafas de sol


The three most beautiful beaches in the world for three sunglasses

Do you want to know which are the most wonderful beaches on the planet? The ones that you think only exist in movies, that you don't consider to be entirely real and that you are not able to place on the map with complete certainty... well, in today's post we tell you which are the three coolest beaches in the world, and Of course, what glasses should you equip yourself with to visit them!

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White Haven

White Haven Beach is located on Hamilton Island, which belongs to the Whitsunday archipelago, off the coast of Queensland, Australia.

White Haven is an Australian treasure. The sun shines practically every day, the sand is almost silver and the color of the water fluctuates between turquoise, sapphire, emerald, and sometimes it seems to reflect the sky and is tinged with a light blue full of life. The waters of White Haven are decorated by the Great Barrier Reef, which makes this place even more colourful, natural and unique.

We could say that this beach is the ideal place for divers, but we believe that it would be unfair to deprive someone of the opportunity to walk on this sand, to swim submerged in clean and crystalline water, and to see, even from a distance and in successive and small periods of time interrupted by the need to go out for air, the infinity of colors of the Barrier Reef.

White Haven

White Haven is 7 kilometers long, and in addition to presenting an unusual beauty, it is considered the most ecological beach in the world and the cleanest on the planet. CNN even published a report stating that this beach is among one of the few that continue to receive the name of "paradise" on Earth.

In White Haven, nature and wildlife continue to be preserved in a pristine state, and every detail of nature can be heard and appreciated in its purest form.

More curiosities are hidden on this beach: the sand that covers the beach has the smallest grains in the world, they do not retain heat, so the race from the shore to the mainland with the soles of the feet burning in each footstep so typical of each summer, in White Haven it will not be necessary.

Phi Phi Islands (Thailand)

    The Phi Phi Islands are a two hour boat ride from Phuket and are, from our experience, one of the most impressive sites we have ever seen.

    They are made up of two large islands and four smaller ones. The beaches seem to be taken from a movie, the environment is one hundred percent natural, tropical and pure.

    On one of the two large islands, Phi Phi Ley, the only man-made element to be seen is a small campsite for those who want to sleep under the island's blanket of stars for a few nights. If you can see, however, a hotel on the other large island, Phi Phi Don.

    Curiously, the fact of being a place so little manipulated by human beings has become one of the most appreciable attractions of the island, which is why every year more and more tourists come to these islands in search of peace and harmony , but each time they feel more like home... Although diving into the sea that bathes Phil Phi Ley beach, it will not only help you realize that, in fact, you are thousands of kilometers from home, but it will also It will create, at the very moment that your fingers touch the cold water, a new home, there, in the middle of Thailand.

    Phi Phi is synonymous with paradise; Immerse yourself in the crystalline, transparent turquoise blue water, surrounded by white sand and surrounding both, a chain of cliffs and mountains. For athletes, this Nirvana concept adds to the fact that this place is ideal for climbing or water sports.

    We visited within this archipelago, the two largest islands: Phi Phi Don and Koh Phi Phi Leh, and two of the smallest: Bamboo Island and Mosquito Island.

    Phi Phi Don, as we have mentioned before, is more developed than the rest; we were able to find Thai food restaurants, accommodation and nightlife.Islas Phi Phi

    We visited several beaches, but the ones that struck us the most for their beauty and conditions were Monkey Beach, which you can only access by boat. It is inhabited by hundreds of monkeys that live at ease on the beach. We also recommend Long Beach, which is less virgin than Monkey Beach and has a few restaurants to eat around it, and Laem Tong, which you also need to access by boat and which we went to because we were told it was perfect for diving. .

    Phi Phi Leh, meanwhile, is an island full of nature. This place was the setting for the movie "The Beach" starring Leonardo DiCaprio in 1999, which caused a large increase in the influx of tourists who wanted to walk in the actor's footsteps in the first person. The local authorities decided to veto the entry of tourists in 2018 so that the natural and lonely essence of the area would not be completely destroyed.

    It was on the smaller islands that we found calmer and quieter places. On Bamboo Island the beaches had a natural tropical environment ideal for relaxing and resting. We dedicate ourselves to swimming among the cold water currents and snorkeling. We could clearly see the seabed, the fauna that inhabited the sea and the number of coral reefs that rested between the sand and rocks.

    The last island we visited was Mosquito. Surrounded by cliffs, lonely and quiet. The image was appropriate to frame in a postcard.

    Matira Beach (Bora Bora)

      This island was of special admiration among the photographers of our team. Next, we tell you why.

      Matira belongs to Bora Bora, an atoll that is located in the Society Islands, located in the northwest of Tahiti. These islands are surrounded by motus, which are islets that are arranged in an elongated shape and have a lot of vegetation. Among these motus are that of Tapu, Bora Bora and Tahiti.

      Matira Beach is the only public beach in Bora Bora. Nature stands out above everything else in this place, the sea is a picture of color and life and the blue of the water plays with that of the sky, eternal and brilliant illuminated by a sun that seems to never set in Matira.

      The island is arranged around a prehistoric volcano that has an interior lagoon.

      Matira Beach

      Although the hotel industry is quite present on these islands, they do not lose their essence. The ideal, at least in our opinion, is to stay in the cabins that extend over a wooden walkway over the water.

      Locals on this island consider it a Tahitian paradise; This may be due to the palm trees that adorn the area, the soft and slippery sand and the peace that you find, almost without wanting to, when you submerge your body under the water.

      Now the glasses.

      The glasses that we remember having worn during our three trips were Freeride, the Frontier and the Polar Black. We placed them indistinctly on each beach, on each journey, while we had breakfast and when we looked directly at the sun as it timidly and slowly hid behind the sea.

      The three models allowed us to clearly observe each color, each grain of sand and each small animal that we found in our path.

      <tc>Freeride</tc> Glasses, Frontier and Polar Black

      If you are going to take a trip this summer and you want to not only see, but also keep in your retina everything that you live and the landscapes that you have the opportunity to access, equip yourself with our Frontier glasses, with the Freeride or with the Polar Black. And don't miss a thing. You will not need to take them off to better appreciate what you have in front of you, what's more, you will appreciate wearing them.

      We hope this article has inspired you and has taken you to those places that we all dream of when we are immersed in the routine of the city, and those that we find hard to believe when we are there. And don't forget to wear your The Indian Face sunglasses to complete your adventure!