TransAndalus: recorre toda Andalucia en mountain bike


TransAndalus: travel throughout Andalusia on a mountain bike

Do you know the TransAndalus project? If you are a fan of mountain biking, of nature and you are not completely attracted to competing… then you should know it.

Through the routes that make up TransAndalus you can visit the most precious natural landscapes of Andalusia. We can frame the project within what is known as cycling tourism, in which everyone marks their distances, their stages, their rhythm and their routes.

If you like saddlebag cycling, you should know that TransAndalus is a circular route that passes through all the provinces of Andalusia, connects with the French Way, the Vía de la Plata, the Transpirenaica and the Ruta del Cid Campeador resulting in a route of more than 2000 kilometers . Cabo de Gata, Cazoela, Despeñaperros, Montor, Sierra de Baza, Picos de Aroche, El Estrecho, Sierra Nevada... are some of the places where you can stop.

The work has been carried out with the collaboration of selfless Andalusian cyclists, working together with the Junta de Andalucía. A complete response to this community, which demanded a long-distance journey, in good conditions, in a place with a very favorable climate for traveling by bicycle around natural landscapes.

This initiative brings many advantages not only for bicycle lovers, but also for the Andalusian economy since the route promotes rural tourism, connects with places of high tourist interest that were previously less accessible or unknown and this effect is also distributed among the eight Andalusian provinces. All corners of Andalusia share the limelight and the cyclist configures the routes as he sees fit and according to his interests. There is no starting point in TransAndalus.

The stages are thought and designed in such a way that they are located between populations that have sufficient accommodation, with sufficient services for cyclists.

We leave you a video in which one of the collaborating cyclists explains how this route has been formed:

Do you dare to organize some stages through TransAndalus? What stretches would you like to cover? It can certainly be a wonderful journey.