2 Vídeos espectaculares de Surf y Windsurf


2 Spectacular Videos of Surfing and Windsurfing

2 Spectacular Videos of Surfing and Windsurfing

Surely today you have seen hundreds or thousands of surfing, windsurfing and other modalities videos. Then you will know that recording techniques and effects are improved day by day, granting greater realism to the images and more impact.

We want to present you two incredible videos recorded with the best techniques currently available that will surely surprise you.

Pipeline Winter 2013

The pipeline on Hawaii's North Shore is known for its gigantic and often dangerous waves. This is a video by photographer Eric Sterman where he shows the area in all its splendor. The newest thing about the video is the technique it uses. Sterman aattaches a GoPro camera to a drone to capture this awesome surfing footage.

The result is an impressive video from a perspective impossible until now, since previously it could only be achieved with a helicopter. Undoubtedly, good material worth watching.

Windsurfing Australia – The Movie

This, however, is a video shot in Western Australia where a group of surfers travel all over the territory in search of the best waves and the best wind in the country. The video was recorded during the summer of 2012 and its recording lasted until 2013. The shots are spectacular and the chaining of the different sequences makes you participate in the history of these surfers.