4 alternativas para hacer snowboard sin nieve


4 alternatives to snowboarding without snow


Yes, even if it seems funny to you, there are fans of this alternative to snowboarding. After the snow season, the grass begins to come out on the slopes and the panorama is bleak. In some countries they have decided to be creative and use grass to slide on. This is probably crazy, but I'm sure there are some who are willing to give it a try.


This modality is halfway between snowboarding and longboarding, a hybrid that has been able to come perfectly close to the sensation of sliding on the snow. The freeboard skate has a central wheel on each axis, which allows it to rotate freely, as well as two fixings where the feet are placed on the board. The feeling of freedom is spectacular.


No, this alternative is not a joke. This is a real activity to enjoy the snowboarding technique on a slope covered by a synthetic floor. As if there were snow, one puts on the snowboard and slides on the ground. Every year the surface materials are improved so that it can slide better, although it is a bit complicated to nail the edges. Undoubtedly a good surface to practice freestyle.

Mountain Board

All-terrain wheels, a board and enjoy in the mountains jumps and skids of heart attack. Mountainboards are a great alternative to enjoy a unique experience on the terrain with all types of conditions and inclinations.

you already know our 4 alternatives for snowboarding without snow, do you have any suggestions?