¡Amamos la montaña y todos los deportes que nos ofrece!


We love the mountains and all the sports it offers us!

If we are clear about something within the The Indian Face, is the place to look for and find that long-awaited freedom of the one that sometimes we do not have in our day to day, cannot be other than the mountain. This is so because it is up there where we see places that very few can, where we find ourselves immersed in nature in its purest state. From that trip to the mountain where we are called to adventure and emotion, what we like the most is the freedom it provides us. The widening of ourselves, all the sudden emotions we feel at that moment, and most importantly: the feeling that we are alive. Nothing can compare to the mountain and nothing resembles it. We are lovers of the impressive steep mountains, of the fjords, of the lakes and the forests, which we enter with passion and without fear along its paths and trails where we always know that we will be surprised by the wonder that nature offers us. always accompanied by sports accessories most useful and necessary to protect us from the sun and the weather when we are in action.

Sport, passion, is the figure of climbing and mountaineering that possibly best represents this feeling of freedom and harmony with the elements that we have up there. Likewise, if there is one thing we are truly sure of, it is that the mountains offer multiple possibilities to practice sports, where we can do almost any activity in the open air, knowing the freedom that this gives us today in these times. What are the most attractive and remarkable activities up there that have made every lover and passionate about the mountains fall in love?

The mountain is full of Inspiration. Find it with us!


Mountain Biking: Our #IndianSpirits are passionate about the sport of risk as is the "mountain bike". It is carried out on difficult roads, which contain high slopes, and with important descents. It is a very beautiful activity, at the same time that it is also exciting: because of the impossible climbs but also because of the impressive landscapes that we can see from our pedal tour. Undoubtedly, a way to put your body and mind to the test, while also enjoying one of the best possible landscapes.

  • Trail running: similar to cycling, but it consists of running. But where? Wherever the mountain leaves you and you feel willing to do so. You will cross streams, rivers, steep descents... In short, it means a race in a natural environment with the minimum of paved routes. It also has another version, the one with the longest distance, called "ultra-trail running". What the ultra-trail requires is quite a physical demand, because along the way one encounters various types of terrain, where some may be more or less difficult, and one must be truly trained for it.
  • Canyoning: when we read this word, many of us may turn back at first. As the Spanish Federation of Mountain and Climbing Sports explains, canyoning is a sport consisting of progressing through canyons or ravines, torrent beds or mountain rivers, both on foot and by swimming. Without a doubt, this is for true lovers of extreme sports and adventure. But as always, there are levels, and many places where you can practice it with people to guide and instruct you. To enjoy you have to take risks!
  • Hiking: we all know what hiking is. And no, it's not just walking up the mountain. It is a non-competitive mountaineering specialty, which consists of traveling routes on foot, on paths approved by the organizations of each country or region. Its objective is to always delve into the natural environment through trails: a way of doing physical exercise and getting in touch with nature. Something very cool about hiking is the number of associations and clubs that we can find to create a community with other mountain lovers.
  • Trekking: it is also called “hiking” and would be a specialty of hiking but it requires more effort. In addition, it means walking through places without trails so we can find different places, canyons or forests. It can be called something like a more “hard” hike.
  • Escalation: here at The Indian Face many of our #IndianSpirits wear our Born To Climb caps. This is because any climb up a steep slope, whether simple or complicated, is considered climbing. We must use our strength both mentally and physically. In addition, within this world there are different levels because there are heights that carry considerable risk. It is another of the adventure sports within the mountains without exception. There are different types of escapade: classic, alpine, ice... It is very important in this branch of sports to obtain good protective equipment for any impediments that might be found
  • Mountaineering: possibly the oldest sport in the mountains. It is the action of ascending peaks, either for the illusion of reaching a goal or summit, or simply enjoying the landscape before our eyes.
  • Skiing: another of our #IndianSpirits' favorite sport, where we always count on our colleagues from uller@! The discipline that many consider to be one of the sports most complete that exist, since you work your entire body while you do it. Or are you more than snowboarding?

adventure sports in the mountains

Without a doubt, for many all these disciplines and extreme sports in the mountains mean much more than a sport: they mean a way of life. A way to connect with the world, with nature, and with themselves through sports. We are sure that when we had to leave our homes last June, many did not hesitate to go up the mountain and once again enjoy the true freedom that is breathed there.

Purity, tranquility, calm and lightness, in the mountains one respects oneself as one respects the nature around one. You prepare yourself to go, looking for those mountains that are closest to where you live or preparing yourself with good sports equipment to carry out the different activities. Without a doubt, mental preparation is also important for many of these disciplines, especially if you plan to compete in any of them. But even though you are passionate about the mountain and everything that happens on it, do you think you know everything about what happens up there? Some good ones polarized sunglasses will make you see better every detail of what awaits you on the road to the top. Don't leave them at home!


  1. The earth's surface is littered with mountains, and 12% of the world's population lives on them. The winner is Nepal, which has 64% of its surface occupied by them.
  2. The only person to have gone into space and climbed Everest is Scott Parazynski of NASA. On May 20, 2009, he reached the top of Everest and left there a small moonstone that the Apollo crew had collected11.
  3. The Andes are the highest set of mountains in the world, a mountain range that runs no less than 7.600 kilometers (with a maximum width of 300 kilometers) through seven countries: Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Venezuela.
  4. The highest mountain yet to be climbed is Kangkar Pünzum, in Bhutan and China, which is the 40th highest mountain in the world. For religious reasons its ascension is prohibited, and for this reason it continues without conquering.
  5. Depending on how we measure it, Everest isn't the tallest mountain on earth either: it's the 10-meter-high volcano Mauna Kea (Hawaiian for “white mountain”).203 meters from its base to the top, although only 4.213 meters leave the surface. In general, Mauna Kea is an ideal location for astronomical observations since its summit is above 40% of the atmosphere, allowing for about 300 clear nights per year.
  6. The movements of the tectonic plates cause the height of Everest to increase by 4 millimeters each year. She has been promoted 6.208 people and at least 240 have died. It is the highest mountain in the world, with 8.848 meters, but it falls short if we compare it with Olympus, the highest mountain in the solar system: it is on Mars and is 27 kilometers high.

adventure sports in the mountains

And last but not least, from The Indian Face we want to appeal to the importance of taking care of the mountains as the treasure that we believe they are. Its conservation also depends on all those people who go and enjoy everything it offers us. For this reason, whenever we go to the mountains we must carry garbage bags to be able to remove the generated garbage ourselves, always respect their fields trying not to throw anything away and be especially careful with any possible fire that we can cause.

The mountain offers us so much that we must offer it the same, great respect so that it continues to be that place where we can arrive and enjoy the true freedom we seek when we enter them. What is your favorite sport and mountain? If you have not yet given life in the mountains and adventure sports a chance, wait no more! I'm sure you won't be disappointed... And don't forget to bring your sunglasses and you sports cap!

adventure sports in the mountains