6 Beneficios de las gafas de sol en invierno


6 Benefits of sunglasses in winter

Sunglasses, unlike gloves or hats, are not seasonal accessories. They continue to be important during autumn and winter, and not only because they are a great complement to add to our looks but also because they can benefit our health and make our lives easier. All advantages, right? If you want to discover more, keep reading.

At The Indian Face we believe that if you have good sunglasses you can enjoy them all year round, regardless of the season of the year. That is why in this post we have proposed to break the myth that sunglasses are only for summer.

hombre gafas de sol

How you benefit from wearing sunglasses during the colder months

1º Solar radiation

Even though it is no longer as hot, the sun's rays continue to reach the earth, therefore radiation too, so we must continue to protect ourselves.

2nd The clouds do not protect

Even though clouds help us reduce the amount of light, radiation still passes through them.

3º The cold and the wind

Temperatures drop and the weather is generally worse, sunglasses can help protect us from these elements.

4º If you practice sports in winter

The glasses will not only protect you from ice particles or the wind, but you will also be able to avoid the reflection of the sun on the snow.

5th Greater safety behind the wheel

It is always important to drive while wearing sunglasses, it has been shown to increase visual capacity, reaction time and concentration.

6º Dry eyes

In winter there is usually less humidity in the air, this can be very annoying due to the irritation it causes in the eyes, the use of sunglasses outside can reduce the symptoms.

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