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Trucker Caps History, utility, and much more!


A bit of history for all lovers of adventure and fashion: Do you already know what this accessory called Gorra Trucker is about and what is its true origin? ?

In case you didn't already know, the term trucker cap or trucker cap has undoubtedly been a highly debated concept throughout history. In fact, over the years, it has become quite the iconic fashion accessory! As we well know, the caps themselves are a garment that has been designed to protect the head, eyes and facial skin from the sun's rays. However, it is worth asking. Why is the trucker cap in particular called that? And why is it so popular? Keep reading and discover curiosities about these sports caps, as well as their uses and differential advantages!

What is the history of the caps?

Let's start at the beginning. The origin of the cap as such can be found in the oldest empires: the Egyptians, the Greeks, the Romans and the Persians are the real pioneers of this accessory that is becoming more modern and popular every day.These ancient civilizations used headdresses to fulfill the function of the modern cap, to cover themselves from the sun. Curious isn't it?

Back then, caps were not synonymous with personality and style, as they are today, rather they were a sign of elitism because only very few had the permission and privilege to wear these caps as a method of protection. Caps have been a reflection of freedom, since they were used in the past as a symbol of liberation for former slaves, until today, which represent a form of free style for everyone the adventurers who always wear their trucker hats when they go out to enjoy the warm summer days .

Gorras Trucker

What is the origin of the trucker caps?

The origin of caps begins when the oldest civilizations managed to design a piece of clothing that would cover and protect them from the sun. But we see the real boom in trucker caps in the 1960s in the United States, when farmers saw a great business opportunity in caps to advertise their farms and their products.

So they took .com/pages/gorras-the-indian-face" title="Caps">caps “trucker” and used the front part to incorporate the logo and slogan that identified their businesses, and differentiated them from the rest. They used these caps themselves and also gave them away to their clients, who made deliveries of vegetables and others in their trucks. In this way, they practically became part of the truckers' uniform.

This cap model was improving and evolving to the point of becoming what it is today: the tucker cap is one of the most used sport-casual accessories today. Originally it did not have the grilles behind, which is what gives it its essence and differentiation, but they got this great modification to improve breathability.

Before, the original material was foam rubber (nowadays it only resembles it), and this has changed to other materials of better quality such as cotton, polyester, and others. Now with its evolution, trucker caps have completely separated from their origins as the uniform of American truckers, and have been adopted in many subcultures such as skateboarding, and other extreme and adventure sports.

Gorras Trucker

What are trucker caps like?

Trucker caps are very peculiar in their style. Originally derived from the classic baseball cap, but with some strategic modifications, it is the ideal cap to wear when practicing adventure sports or casually in urban environments. On the one hand, its curved visor has been maintained over time, although many trucker caps have also chosen to propose flatter visor styles, so you will surely find both types of trucker caps on the market and you can choose the one you love the most.

On the other hand, the trucker cap has incorporated other changes to make it more comfortable, dynamic and fashionable. The front part is made of a light material and not a woven fabric as we see in the traditional cap. It is more of a material that resembles that of padded foam, usually made of polyester. It should be noted that the rear part did change radically. The traditional baseball cap is made entirely of cloth. Trucker caps instead have a mesh fabric with a snap that allows the wearer to protect themselves from the sun and at the same time allow the back of their head to breathe freely, preventing excess sweat from accumulating.

What do trucker caps say about your style and personality?

A cap by itself will always say a lot about you, but trucker caps say something special: that you are passionate about adventure, and a boy or girl with a unique personality. Normally this type of caps show a lot of security and passion for freedom.

In addition to all this, trucker caps have an advantage over other caps on the market, and that is that, in addition telling a story about yourself from the beginning, will allow you to reflect something significant about your style and personality.