Gatos con Gafas


cats with glasses

Having a pet at home like a dog or a cat may seem easy and simple but nothing like that. You have to feed it every day making sure that the diet is good, give it a drink at the time it needs, be it day or night, take it to the vet, take it for a walk, play with it, etc, etc. It's like having a child.

In addition, your pet may be flirtatious and want to wear sunglasses, a cap, a watch or who knows.

And cats, can't they wear sunglasses? The cats can use whatever they want, that's all it takes!!

It's always fun to see a pet wearing sunglasses and to see cats wearing glasses, it couldn't be less. It wasn't always going to be Puss in Boots, it could also be Puss with Glasses. In the end, the feline touch is always liked, or are cat-eye glasses not in fashion?

And kidding aside, CAN CATS WEAR GLASSES?

As incredible as it may seem, there are situations in which it might be necessary. Sunglasses can often be used in clinical pictures of photophobia that increase with sunlight. They are also used as protection against scratches among cats that usually walk and interact with other cats. Contact lenses are also used in corneal pathologies and to modify the diopter defect, after a cataract operation in which an intraocular lens could not be implanted.

And why not, since if any cat has to wear sunglasses, why not do it with style?

We have made a compilation of the photos that we found that we liked the most of cats with sunglasses.

1. Cat wearing round purple polarized sunglasses. Very stylish this kitty:

Gato con gafas de sol

2. Cat with also round sunglasses and beach shirt. Stylish cat:

Gato con gafas de sol y camisa

3. This cat with glasses sunbathing is very cool:

Gafas ojos de gato

4. This cat with aviator glasses, could be the "bad class" cat

Gato con gafas de sol mas chulo que un ocho

5. Feline with red sunglasses with a lot of style.

Gato con gafas rojas y lentes de gato negras