Día Internacional de la Felicidad: ¿te apuntas?


International Day of Happiness: are you in?

Today, March 20, the International Day of Happiness is being celebrated. Surely you have already received a message through WhatsApp receiving congratulations of this nature. Well, today we want to take the opportunity to congratulate all our audience and to teach you something more about this day. We Indians also have the right to be happy!

Have you seen the International Day of Happiness website?

Above you have a screenshot of the International Day of Happiness website. And it is that this movement or project aims to invite people to spread the feeling of happiness and involve all their contacts to spread this movement, that is, to generate more happiness around all of us.

This website promotes initiatives aimed at promoting and achieving this goal, both offline and online. They also offer the possibility of downloading, on the International Day of Happiness website, a "Hapinness Pack" or "Happiness Pack", totally free, to help spread happiness both in physically real public spaces and in virtual environments. .

We love the idea of ​​spreading happiness among all our contacts and even with people from other cities and/or countries.

We wish you all the happiness for today and forever!