Esquí o Snow: ¿Por cuál de los dos empiezo?


Ski or Snow: Which of the two do I start with?

Ski or Snow: Which of the two should I start with?

If you are still thinking, at this stage of the season, about getting started in winter sports, it is never too late to review your preferences when it comes to where to start and which modality may best suit you . More specifically, we want to illustrate several important differences between classic skiing and snowboarding, so that it is clearer for you when choosing between the two.

Obviously, you will know that both disciplines are carried out on snow, that in skiing you are equipped with a board on each foot and in snowboarding you do it on a single board. In both modalities, the body is exercised in a similar way, broadly speaking, although in practice the movements, techniques and derived benefits are slightly different.


Skiing is basically a mountain sport that involves a learning process that depends a lot on the physical and mental qualities of the skier. For beginners it is advisable that they start on slopes with a moderate inclination, appropriate for them. Over time, the individual gains confidence and dares with steeper slopes, in which he can experience higher speed runs that allow him to train his ability to control. The skier mainly trains the lower body and, to a lesser extent, the upper extremities.

The objective is to acquire enough practice, skill, confidence and control to be able to overcome any unevenness or unforeseen event that stands in your way, always paying attention to the environment, to the dangers that all present obstacles entail in the mountain. In this sense, skiing has a special adventure component that perhaps snowboarding does not have or that, in any case, is practiced in a different way.


Practicing snowboarding means working even more, almost exclusively, on the person's lower body. It requires a greater ability to balance and coordinate movements than skiing, especially during the learning process, since all the weight falls on a smaller surface (the board) and there are no support poles. This means that you will spend a lot of time on the ground at first.

In any case, with enough practice, snowboarding is easier than skiing in the sense that you only have a board and all the technique on it, the movements are not as sophisticated as in the case of skiers . Achieving advanced skills in snowboarding is easier and faster than in skiing.