Entrevistamos a Samira, de MHYV


We interviewed Samira, from MYHYV

At The Indian Face we like to see how people enjoy life and in this case, we have come to meet Samira Salomé, currently a collaborator at @Radioset within the program @partidoapartido, and former participant of the TV-Show MHYV Women Men and vice versa. A person who likes to live life and who has realized her dream, to parachute in Dubai.

We have been at the Palacio de Cristal in the Retiro de Madrid with Samira and she has not told how her jump was

Samira, do you consider yourself a free spirit?

Yes, really yes, I am a person without ties, for now... I believe that as long as a person is not in prison, they have freedom and therefore are free

What is the adventure you have always dreamed of living?

I have already lived it, skydiving... In November of last year I jumped from 1000 feet in Dubai, my dream, I have fulfilled it and that is when I have felt the most free.

Samira Mujeres y Hombres y viceversa

What new sensations did you have when you skydived?

I felt really free, that is, the experience made me feel that I am alive, I am alive, I am alive, I cannot explain it better with words because it is such a great and profound feeling that you have to experience it...

How did you feel after that wonderful day, according to what you tell us?

When I got out of the parachute and you were landing, because there is a moment when they let you glide, I felt euphoric, excited... I don't know, a mixture of a very, very strong 'bomb', the feeling has no name

Would you like to feel new emotions like the ones you felt that day?

Yes, always. I love adventures, I love feeling alive, I love being free and when I can do something similar I will do it again without thinking.

And for me, who have never done it, what would you tell me, what is the most beautiful thing about doing this type of adventure?

They are memories forever and they will not be erased from your life. I recommend it to everyone because it is something unforgettable and the feeling is very pleasant... you feel very good when you do something that you want to achieve.

You talk about the moment you jumped, that you felt free, what is it for you to be free?

Not having ties, not having to explain to anyone, being able to do what I want when I want and live life the way I want.

What next adventure would you like to go on?

Something similar, with the same adrenaline, from higher up, from another place... even alone, less bungee jumping... as if I could do it from the moon hehe

You consider yourself an adventurous person who likes to feel new emotions and live new experiences, what memory do you have after?

Memories are the desire you had before to live it and not wait for anyone, live it only for and for me.

Have these adventures given you a new way of thinking about your life?

When you jump, thousands of things go through your head, you feel alive, breathing that air and when you go down... it's inexplicable.

Samira Mujeres y Hombres y viceversa