Jan Farrell, el esquiador más veloz del mundo


Jan Farrell, the fastest skier in the world

It is capable of accelerating from 0 to 120 km/h in just four seconds with the only help of skis and slopes of more than 100% (45º). Jan Farrell, the fastest skier in the world, is working because she intends to fight to break all records and reach, if possible, this year the chilling top speed of 280 km / h .

His father is British and his mother is from the Czech Republic, Jan Farrell grew up in the English town of Lancaster but has spent most of his life between Spain and Andorra enjoying skiing and the snow since I was little. It was during the 2010/2011 season when a Thrown Kilometer test that the International Ski Federation (FIS) organized at the Grandvalira resort caught his attention and he began to feel a real attraction to Speed ​​Skiing and high-speed skiing. . From that moment the successes have not stopped coming and the future of this human rocket promises to continue giving many joys.

In an interview that Red Bull recently did to him, he was asked about the danger he is exposed to skiing at such speed, to which he replied: “Of course, there is a lot of work behind a 20-second descent at these speeds that It provides security, confidence and control over the situation. It's just a few moments of free fall for which I train very hard every week: thousands of hours in the gym and hundreds in the snow, not to mention the mind control work, something very important in this modality, and the development work R&D with the engineers of the equipment manufacturers who support me, every millimeter counts! Although it may not seem like it, you are in control of the situation and the feeling of power, control and stability becomes very comforting . However, there is a danger that cannot be ignored and I cannot deny that going down to 200km/h is very risky, but we trained a lot.”

Jan always liked speed but he started competing in alpine skiing and ski cross, although they were not fast enough for him. His instinct and desire to improve made Speed ​​Ski what he called her the most, until in 2011 he began to compete for the first time in Grandvalira and was totally hooked. His first full season, in 2012, he finished 9th in the world, 5th in 2013, until he took first place in 2014 becoming FIS SDH World Cup Champion.

A real speed crack, will he ever be able to reach 280 km/h?