Archipiélago Langkawi en Malasia


Langkawi archipelago in Malaysia

Explore Malaysia and immerse yourself in the adventures of the Langkawi Archipelago (The Jewel of Kedah)

Rising from the distance of the Andaman Sea we find one of the most exotic paradises in the world in all its emerald splendor: Langkawi, an amazing archipelago made up of 104 islands, just a few kilometers away from the northeast coasts of Peninsular Malaysia.

To understand the location a bit, it must be assumed that when tourists refer to “Langkawi” they normally refer to the Island and not the Persian archipelago, which both bear this name. This would be the most popular island of the island spa states on the coast of the Malaysian peninsula, and one of the most incredible spots to visit on our next vacation.

The island is part of the state of Kedah, and its distance from the Malaysian peninsular coast is 30 km. Its capital and largest city on the island is Kuah, but the epicenter of this treasure is Pulau Langkawi, which has become one of the most popular holiday destinations in all of Asia, visited by countless tourists every year, looking to spend the best moments of adventure and relaxation, while enjoying a cultural experience that will remain in your memories for a lifetime.

Archipiélago Langkawi en Malasia

Visiting the Island of Langkawi is a natural experience that you will not regret, because Langkawi has it all! It is a location blessed with some of the best beaches on the continent, lined with impressive minstrel mountains, sensational typical gastronomy, duty-free shopping and a vibrant nightlife. It is truly a tourist spot for anyone looking to have an adventure like no other, get in touch with nature, relax from the daily hustle and bustle, and even spend fun nights out.

Its expanses of emerald beaches, accommodations and tourist locations are capable of supplying the diverse tastes of its visitors, from backpacking explorers, couples and friends, to family groups in search of the vacation of their dreams. Wherever you look, you will see unparalleled beauty and comfort, based on a natural environment adapted to the conditions of the island and its surroundings, so you will find options adjusted to any budget and travel conditions.

Do you dare to immerse yourself in the adventure that this wonderful archipelago hides? Read on and discover the best destinations, activities and moments in Langkawi, Malaysia!

Archipiélago Langkawi en Malasia


Langkawi is connected to the mainland by air and by sea.

If you decide to travel by air, Langkawi has an airport and you can easily reach your destination by air. From Langkawi International Airport you can fly at very cheap prices to any destination in Malaysia and international destinations. To go from the airport to any destination on the island you can take an official transport service: the Langkawi International Airport Transportation. with the option of taxis, cars and minivans to go to the exit of the arrivals terminal. They have fixed rates. Consider that at this point there is no public transport.

If you choose to travel by sea, you can find many combinations to reach Langkawi by boat. The most common is to get to George Town and take a ferry to the island, the cost of which does not exceed 20 euros.

The ferry from Georgetown to Langkawi takes approximately three hours. It is a beautiful walk that takes you from the mere beginning of the trip into the world of adventure that this acclaimed island hides.

They flow into the port of Kush which, as we already mentioned, is the main town on the island. There you will find a dream environment, with locals and tourists who fill the place with a good atmosphere and you will also see the classic Eagle Square in all its splendor, as well as many shops with duty-free products, so it will not be unusual to see so many visitors as well as the Malaysians themselves shopping at that spot, and thus leave back with suitcases full of products at a lower cost.

Public transport does not work in the best conditions, and it is possible to take a taxi to get around, but the island is quite large. Many adventurers choose to rent a motorcycle for about 7 euros a day (although you can also rent it by the hour) and move around the island in this way since the roads are accessible and easy to navigate.

You also have the possibility of contacting excursion agencies with a private driver who will guide and drive you around the city according to your needs. There is something for everyone!

In addition, from the port of Langkwai (Kuah Jetty) you will have the option of connecting by ferry with Penang, which is a neighboring island and with the coastal ports of Kuala Perlis and Kuala Kedah.

Archipiélago Langkawi en Malasia


Langkawi is an ideal spot for rest and relaxation, but also to delve into the world of activities that this exotic location has to offer, on the main island and also on the hundreds of neighboring islands in the Andaman Sea surroundings.

First of all, the beaches are the best! Whiter than white sand and emerald water, very clean and welcoming, both in Langkawi and in the rest of the islands of the archipelago, one boat or ferry away. There are many that are even hidden, so it will be an incredible detail for adventurers to discover that there will always be a new beach beyond that they can discover. But later we will talk about the natural beauties of the island area. Right now, we invite you to visit with us some of the most touristic and essential spots to visit on your trip to Langkawi.

In addition, there is a world of activities and places that you can visit that will leave you completely amazed.

Langkawi Cable Car and Bridge (Sky Cab and Sky Bridge)

Going to the Langkawi cable car and bridge is a mandatory stop when we visit this wonderful Island.

The Sky Cab and the Sky Bridge belong to a tourist complex created so that visitors from all over the world can admire the beauties of the area from above. The Langkawi Cable Car travels a distance of 1,700 meters to reach the main station at a height of 650 meters.

It is the steepest cable car in the world, reaching 42 degrees. In it, you will enjoy a tour that will take you through impressive views of rocks over 500 million years old, islands on the horizon, waterfalls, and other natural beauties.

It has a second platform that goes up to 700m, which is where the Langkawi Sky Bridge is located. A whole architectural work, suspended in a curve, the largest in the world with 125m long. Sure it is a bit scary to cross it, but it is a recommended experience for the most adventurous.

There is no doubt that the cable car (Cable Car) and the suspension bridge (Sky Bridge) should be included in your tourist agenda when you visit Langkawi, because it is one of the most emblematic attractions. They are visited together, and there is no different way, because where one ends the other begins.

Langkawi 3D Art Museum

One of the most fun and interactive museums. Visit the 3d museum and get involved in the 3D art pieces as if you were a part of them!

The Langkawi Art in 3D Museum is a museum with objects and art representations in 3D. It is divided into different and fun themes to have an incredible time with different and unconventional works.

It has more than 200 works of art, which makes it the second largest 3D museum in the world and, of course, the first from Malaysia. It is located in the same complex where the Sky Cab and the Sky Bridge are. Its price is included when you buy your ticket.

Eagle Square Langkawi

If you arrive on the island by ferry, the first thing you see is the eagle square: Langkawi's Eagle Square. There you find a huge eagle, which is an emblem symbolico of the island. Did you know that Langkawi translates to “reddish brown eaglein the Malay language? The eagle in Langkawi has its own legend, and it is said that this location was one of the refuges of Garuda, the mythological bird, since the god Vishnu used it for move from one place to another as if by magic. Do you think it's true? In this square is where the largest figure on the island is.

It has brick bridges and restaurants with terraces. In addition, it joins the park of legends, with beautiful gardens and numerous monuments that detail the myths and legends of the island. You can't miss it!

The Lanwaki Upsidow

It is a key point of the island and it is special because it is made of recycled materials. And the idea that everything is backwards is also funny. The truth is that it is a very particular and entertaining installation that is worth taking a look at. It is ideal for taking some of the most memorable photos of your entire trip. In addition, it is an area where you can have a super nice time and have a snack in its food truck area with a menu and dishes for all tastes.

Archipiélago Langkawi en Malasia


In addition to the key points that we have just named, Langkawi is full of natural spots that mark a before and after for those who visit them. Numerous waterfalls, water and adventure sports, boat trips, walks on the beach, jungle and more, all here on this Malaysian island! It should be noted that these islands have been classified as a Global Geopark by Unesco since 2007 due to their natural beauties. What an honor!

We have already talked about the beaches of Langkawi, but it never hurts to mention that they are a large part of the experience of visiting this archipelago. Among the most recommended are: Pantai Kok, Pantai Cenang, Pantai Tengah and Burau Bay.

Pantai Cenang

It is an area that is represented as half beach half neighborhood, very crowded with many facilities to walk, eat and enjoy a good time on the island. This is an area of ​​Langkawi where many of the least expensive accommodations on the island are found. It has numerous restaurantsa, easily accessible beaches, shops, markets, among other amenities to enjoy and stay comfortably. Pantai Cenang Beach is very famous for sunset watching and adventure water sports. It's so cool!

Mount Guning Raya

It is from here that you will be able to experience the best and most panoramic views and sunsets in all of Langkawi, due to the fact that it is the highest point of the island, at an altitude of 880m. How to reach him? You cross the Lubok National Park through the road on a rented motorbike, a ride in which you will enjoy invaluable views of the entire area, typical vegetation, flora, fauna and waterfalls... And surely you will come across some typical Malaysian monkeys!

Seven Walls Falls

These waterfalls are a must see when you go to Langkawi. Although they are not the most impressive waterfalls in Asia, they do have a special almost picturesque charm with a picnic area. Plus, they'll really cool you down if you visit on a hot day!

Archipiélago Langkawi en Malasia


Are you into adrenaline and adventure sports? We know yes! This island is incredible to enjoy adventure activities by delving into its nature, surrounded by typical vegetation of the area and exotic birds. And it is that in Langkawi you can spend the day in any adventure park with zip lines through the jungle, suspension bridges, rape descentsl, jet ski tours around 8 and 10 islands depending on the package you choose, lasting 4 hours, which are incredible.

You can also rent a jet ski, parasailing, canoe excursions through the jungle, jungle trekking, helicopter rides and many other activities that will get your adrenaline pumping. The most famous are Zipline Eco Adventure and Sky Trex Adventure Park Experience.

However, as we have already mentioned, on Pantai Cenang beach you will find many places offering you water activities such as jet skis that are also super cool if you are on a budget on your trip.


Many consider that you need a lot of money to be able to visit and enjoy Langkawi but this idea is far from reality. It is true that many luxurious beaches are associated with luxury hotels, but if you do not stay in them you can enter for a small daily price and enjoy all the amenities or choose other beaches that do not have this condition.

If your plan is to go backpacking, there are excellent hostels with shared rooms that will serve the purpose of your trip in the best way, and most include breakfast in the price, which is always good. In Pantai Cenang you also find simple accommodation for moderate budgets with a basic room with a private bathroom and nearby restaurants.

The forms of entertainment are not outrageously expensive, especially due to duty free, so tourism takes advantage of many products that are available at a lower price and therefore some bar and restaurant services also become more affordable in terms of prices.

But, even if these options exist, it is true that luxury reigns in this tourist town. There are a variety of excellent accommodation options and more luxurious and comfortable hotels that you can opt for if you are in a position to invest in it, with the guarantee that they will combine excellent service and quality with the incomparable natural beauty of their surroundings.

As we said, there is something for everyone!

Archipiélago Langkawi en Malasia


On this island, and throughout the Langkawi archipelago itself, gastronomy is based on a culinary culture combined between Indian, Thai and Chinese traditions that provide it with an incomparable distinction, with abundant spices full of flavor for lovers of this kind of food.

But in addition to finding restaurants of national and traditional cuisine, eating places that specialize in cooking European dishes, especially seafood-based dishes, which are common in the archipelago. In addition, you will find classic dishes from the Americas such as hamburgers, pizzas and sandwiches that are delicious. You find options for all tastes! And it is that after a long day of adventure, nothing like ending up in one of the many restaurants or cafeterias, which offers traditional Malaysian cuisine, as well as Thai, Indonesian, Chinese food, and as we said, fused. A gastronomic delight!

Night Markets in Lankawi

In addition, you can visit the numerous night markets. Very classic of Asian cultures! The Temonyong market, north of Pantai Cenang, opens its doors to the public on Thursdays from 6:00 p.m.. We mention it because it is very economical and complete. But the truth is that there are many different ones that open on different days of the week, until not long ago they worked with the following dynamics:

  • Monday: Ulu Melaka Night Market
  • Tuesday: Kedawang Night Market
  • Wednesday: Kampung Raja
  • Thursday: Temonyong Night Market
  • Friday: Bayas Night Market and Ayer Hangat Friday Night Market
  • Saturday: Kampung Raja
  • Sunday: Padang Matsirat Night Market


Surely your visit will depend on the days you get off work and can take vacations, but if you have the opportunity to choose the date you travel you can look at the seasons and base yourself a bit on the weather.

November to March is high season, the ideal time to enjoy the beaches because there will be less wind and cloud intervention, with a stable tide with few waves.

April to August is low season, great for those who want to save money the most while taking a break from the daily hustle and bustle. There could be bad weather, but not daily, it will depend on the weather that day. There are few tourists and many places give crazy discounts of up to 50%.

September to October is off-season. It is the rainy season so the bad weather intensifies, and the clouds cover the sky much more.

Archipiélago Langkawi en Malasia

Not a bad landing at this tourist destination, huh! Moments of relaxation, fun and adrenaline awaits you on the island of Langkawi, Malaysia. Dare to explore the continent and feel the freedom offered by one of the most splendid archipelagos in the world!