Slip’n Slide Off a Cliff: una nueva diversión que se está poniendo de moda


Slip'n Slide Off a Cliff: a new diversion that is catching on

Llandudno, in South Africa, is the place where you can see in action, through this refreshing video, the Slip'n Slide Off a Cliff modality, a way of having fun that brings us closer to that little summer that is increasingly is closer. It is a cheap, original and highly recommended way to have a good laugh and take a good dip in the process.

The Slip'n Slide Off a Cliff consists of putting on a neoprene suit, looking for some rocks in the shape of a smooth ramp that ends in the water, placing a plastic that allows sliding on it, getting a little wet yourself and the plastic and jump through it. Repeat the process as many times as you like. Very very funny. In the following video you will see it very clearly, you will see how much fun its protagonists have.

All you have to do is find a place to start it up (or travel to Llandudno, which is sure more complicated.