Yuki Kadono: la esperanza japonesa del snowboard


Yuki Kadono: the Japanese hope of snowboarding

The Japanese rider Yuki Kadono began his journey in the world of snowboarding when he was only 8 years old and under the close supervision of his father. From the very beginning, Yuki was hooked on this sport discipline. But at that time, Yuki lived in an area where it didn't snow much, so to improve his skills he often escaped to ski resorts and snowparks on weekends, and there he trained at KINGS (a very simple complex) and at indoor stations out of ski season. The Japanese rider mainly trained in slopestyle, but due to age restrictions he couldn't take part in higher level competitions.

At the age of 14 he defeated, nothing more and nothing less, the champion of the previous edition of the X Games to finish second in the 4Star RIDE Shakedown. Yuki has also achieved success on the Japan national team, after being selected for the SAJ Japan West Team and conquering THE SLOPE, the most renowned tournament in Japanese snowboarding.

Yuki is already part of snowboarding history as he was the youngest rider to participate in the two top Air&Style competitions (Innsbruck and Beijing) in the 2012-2013 season. He was also the first snowboarder of Asian origin to win the Air&Style in Beijing and now he intends to take part in more international tournaments, with the aim of becoming the first Japanese to win the number one title in the world in the slopestyle modality. on snowboarding. Quite a genius and a very promising career, right?