10 cosas para practicar deportes de montaña en tiempos de Covid


10 things to practice mountain sports in times of Covid

At The Indian Face® we are lovers of good vibes and adventure! We are committed to sport and physical activity as the best medicine to enjoy health and well-being. After several months of adaptation to an exceptional situation due to the Covid-19 pandemic, practicing sports has become increasingly necessary and common to lead a better quality of life. Of course, we have all had to adapt to certain regulations and measures to control the development of this pandemic. nothing will prevent us from practicing mountain sports in times of Covid.

The good news is that. Yes you can practice sports outdoors! Being able to enjoy the “new freedom”, as long as the parameters are respected. Outdoor activities are the new trend and the highest recommendation against Covid-19, since it represents a lower risk of contagion, compared to those sports that are practiced behind closed doors. Being outside, breathing fresh air, enjoying nature, taking vitamin D and constantly moving is definitely the best feeling and we know that for you #IndianSpirits it is too.

Practicing sports and activities also offers other benefits:

  • Stimulates the mood
  • Reduces stress
  • Reduces blood pressure
  • Increases good cholesterol levels
  • Improves circulation
  • Helps maintain weight
  • Prevents loss of bone mass

At The Indian Face® we support you athlete who loves adrenaline and living to the extreme, with or without a pandemic, that is why we want to give you some recommendations that you should take into account to practice mountain sports, respecting the measures and recommendations in times of Covid - 19.


Practicing mountain sports in times of Covid - 19 has been challenging, but NOT impossible! Each discipline has created its protocols and taken the necessary measures to allow athletes to continue with their training, races and/or enjoyment of all activities. Although some sports have had to be temporarily paused, there are many ways to stay active and enjoy other sports that represent good physical activity, even during pandemic times.

Some mountain sports that you can do taking all the necessary measures in times of COVID-19:

practicar deporte de montaña en tiempos de covid


Ultra trails, ultra-distance races, ultras races or ultras as they are commonly known, is a sport that requires a lot of training and a healthy lifestyle.

The races have been adapted with new measures:

  • The use of a mask is mandatory at all times. The runners will not only wear it during the race or competition and must put it on once they have crossed the finish line.
  • Maintain a safety of 1.5m.
  • Use of hydroalcoholic gel.

Other considerations to keep in mind…

It is recommended to avoid sidewalks and narrow paths where people crowd. It will always be best to choose routes that make it easy to maintain a considerable distance between runners. In case it is unavoidable to have a distance of 2 meters away, from runners who do not belong to your family circle, who do not live with you, put on the mask.

Being an outdoor activity, it is recommended that you protect yourself depending on the weather. For safety, always wear layered clothing and try to protect your head, hands and feet well.

All measures must be complied with by the runners and their compliance is of the utmost importance so that you can continue enjoying more races.

practicar deporte de montaña en tiempos de covid


Sport that consists of climbing walls, testing the physical and mental strength of each athlete.

The guidelines for this sport were based on preventive safety measures to minimize the risk of infection.

Then we leave you the sports recommendations for the practice of this sport:

  • Don't take risks
  • In this type of activity, it is advisable to stay away from possible risks and difficulties that involve rescue operations in times of pandemic.

    Enjoy sport as a healthy activity, there will be more opportunities to compete.

  • Keep distance
  • Distancing is vital. Minimum 2 meters away. In case you cannot have that distance, try to wear a mask.

  • Small groups
  • The main thing is to avoid routes and places where there is a high possibility of crowding. If you go in a group, keep in mind that the more you are, the more difficult it will be to keep your distance.

  • Respect the established general rules
  • Follow the rules and basic security measures such as: do not shake hands, avoid physical contact, do not share drinks and/or food with people outside your family circle, who do not live in the same household, etc. .

  • Always wear a mask
  • Always wear the mask, try to only remove it when extremely necessary. Don't forget to take your alcoholic gel wherever you go.

    In case you are looking for more adrenaline like the alpine climbs at high altitude, the following measures were established.

    1. Implement ground rules.
    2. A maximum of two people at the stand.
    3. Remote Partner Check: Partners ask each other to check the knot, carabiner, belay device and belt, observing each other in the process.
    4. Sanitize hands before and after a climbing tour.

    practicar deporte de montaña en tiempos de covid


    As the ski season approaches, many resorts have established a series of strict measures with the intention of avoiding any contagion, reducing personal contact between workers and clients as much as possible. Technology plays an important role, allowing all purchases to be made online, RF (radio frequency) scanning and touchless payment. The mask will be mandatory for all customers and athletes. Keep your distance in waiting areas, ski and snowboard lessons, equipment rental, closed spaces and catering establishments.

    There will be a cleaning and disinfection protocol in all high-touch areas: toilets, restaurants, dining rooms, ticket offices, etc. The use of personal protective equipment is recommended: clothing, helmet, glasses, gloves, handkerchief, etc. All establishments will have hydroalcoholic gel distributors and the disinfection of the rented material will be carried out.

    Where should the mask be worn?

    • When accessing the station by public transport
    • At the tourist offices
    • In the accommodations
    • Ski lifts
    • Lines for ski lifts (with social distancing)
    • Tourist offices
    • Ski school
    • Public spaces of buildings
    • Bars and restaurants

    practicar deporte de montaña en tiempos de covid


    The “mountain bike” in English, is a versatile sport that takes place in mountainous terrain. Mountain biking differs from other cycling disciplines because it takes place in natural environments, in addition to the type of bicycle used.

    It is a quite diverse sport, where more and more athletes join to try it. One of its most common categories is the Downhill (DHI).

    It consists of starting at the top of a mountain and ending at the bottom, winning whoever completes the route in the shortest time.

    The following are the recommended prevention and safety measures against Covid-19, in stages:

    Before leaving:

    • Prepare your tool canister.
    • Bring enough food and water for the route so you don't have to make so many stops.
    • Remember to bring front and rear lights.
    • Take your ID with you.
    • Organize the route before leaving.

    During the activity:

    • Wear a mask as you will meet other cyclists around you.
    • Wear goggles to protect your eyes.
    • If you have a choice, choose routes that use fewer people.
    • Bring disposable tissues.
    • Try not to touch anything except your bike and avoid touching your face.

    After the activity:

    • Clean and disinfect everything you have used. It's better to prevent.
    • Leave all the equipment you have used at the entrance of the house so that no one has direct contact.
    • Take a shower.
    • Wash all the equipment you have used in the washing machine.
    • Wash your hands once all this process is finished.

    practicar deporte de montaña en tiempos de covid


    One of the non-competitive and preferred sports activities of many of our #IndianSpirits. Before planning your trip to the mountains, you should take into account two of the points that we have highlighted in all the previous sports:

    • Always wear a mask and alcohol gel.
    • Keep your distance and avoid sharing with people who do not belong to your family circle, who do not live in the same household.

    Before starting your adventure in the mountains, we show you the precautions that you must take into account:

    • Dating and meeting in spacious places without crowds.
    • Reduced luggage so that each person can load and unload their own.
    • Avoid touching, as much as possible, furniture and objects that are accessible to the public.
    • Respect a distance of 2 meters.
    • If it's a large group, it's best to split up.
    • Disinfect hands before and after using equipment.

    practicar deporte de montaña en tiempos de covid

    As you can see, to continue enjoying these activities to the fullest, it is necessary to get involved and strictly follow the recommendations and measures required in each discipline or sport, although we know that this does not stop you from living to the extreme.

    Now that we have prepared you to go to the mountains, which of these sports do you dare to practice in times of Covid-19?

    practicar deportes de montaña en tiempos de Covid