¡Las gorras son protagonistas de nuestra historia!


The caps are protagonists of our history!

Caps have become a garment and accessory for daily use used by millions of people around the world: musicians, skaters, athletes... All these people have made caps an iconic garment for certain cultures, sports or movements. In The Indian Face we were clear about the importance of caps in fashion from the beginning. For this reason, our collection of Trucker caps and sports caps have been a success from the beginning: they are the preferred accessory for our Indian Spirits. The cap is a complement that is useful for our day to day regardless of whether it is river or color, it becomes another sign of our personality and the style it gives us is essential in our wardrobe. Since we know that our surfer caps, skate caps and other freestyle-inspired designs you love it, today we want to talk a little about the history of caps and those that have marked a before and later in the history of the caps!

Do you know where the origin of the history of caps lies, like our Trucker Caps The Indian Face? We have to go back many years! It's all about ancient Persia, where caps were always used in the shade of hats, since the upper classes dressed more with them. It was the sailors, carriers and ranchers who used these caps the most to protect themselves from the weather, so we can imagine their most underground style today! Surely one of the most typical images in the history of photography sounds familiar to you: it is about these workers and workers at the beginning of the 20th century, almost all of them already wore a cap!

las gorras de nuestra historia

Little by little, caps gained the position they deserved in the world of fashion. Very soon the cap, and this type of Trucker Caps began to be related to sports and did so with baseball. It was in this sport where the batter had always used a cap to protect himself from the sun, since in the beginning some made even with straw were used. It was in 1860 where an American team was characterized by having a rounded cap that fitted easily to the head and protected the eyes from the sun, something new at that time! Within this sport, the current baseball cap has evolved a lot, both in design and quality: it currently contains six panels and a rounded visor. Very similar to Trucker caps that we have in our collection of The Indian Face!


For this reason, this type of cap along with Trucker Caps became iconic almost overnight. But it was not only in baseball that the cap began to play a leading role, but in many other sports! Sports caps are one of those basic accessories that practically everyone knows, and not because it is basic, it is less important when using it. When we are going to spend many hours in the sun, protecting our head is something that is appreciated in the long run. It is a versatile accessory, since it can be used for a walk or for training if you prefer.

las gorras de nuestra historia

Ventilation in them is essential, with light materials and breathability to allow air flow at all times within this type of Sport Trucker Caps. Also, let's not forget a good fit, so that the cap is comfortable and we can do any type of sport with it forgetting that it exists but while protecting our head at all times. If not, they ask the professional cyclist Miguel Indurain, who has always been known for his willingness to wear caps when carrying out his competitions. Within their sport, that of the bike, where they spend many hours on that saddle and where the weather conditions can be very sunny or even windy and rainy, cap has always been the true “must have”, apart from being completely related to fashion. And it is always in trend! Do you remember our favorite cyclist with his legendary “Banesto” cap?

las gorras de nuestra historia

However, this type of Trucker caps They have not only penetrated the world of sports. We are clear that they are the essential part of the life of every adventurer. Those people who take risks do not go out into action without their cap, which gives personality and is also the perfect complement for any part of the day. As we spoke in advance, it is one of the icons of history, until it became the perfect piece for one of the highest-grossing films in the history of cinema and television. Surely many of the caps that we are going to talk about next will sound familiar to you. It is that we have seen them in many of our favorite movies and series! Do you think you can recognize them?

We will start with the typical cap of Marty McFly in "Back to the Future" (1985), how can we forget the occurrences of him and the scientist Emmett Brown traveling from back to front and from front to back in the "Back to the Future" trilogy ”, starring Michael J Fox and Christopher Lloyd! But what has remained etched in our retinas is that pink cap that the protagonist uses to hide from himself in all his time travels.

He has always been a great fashion icon for many fans, who later, in addition to this, bought a replica cap of the original and today, this character continues to be a fashion trend, and always accompanied by his cap! However, if we have to talk about mythical movies where a cap has also been the indispensable complement of one of the protagonists, we have to talk about Bubba Gump Ship Co in "Forest Gump" in 1994.

His charisma won the hearts of so many movie lovers! One of the most representative caps in all of history emerges from his interpretation: It is the cap of “Bubba Gump Shrimp Co”, the restaurant that Bubba and Forrest open together in history. This is one of the most distinctive caps in the entire movie universe! Can you imagine that one of these mythical characters wore one of our Trucker Caps The Indian Face? Dear Forest Gump. Any! He really was a completely free spirit who was born to be free.

las gorras de nuestra historia

How you can see: the Trucker caps have never gone unnoticed. They appeared in our history a long time ago, and since then, they have evolved and reached more and more areas inside and outside of sport.

Since The Indian Face we have always been aware of the importance of caps when it comes to giving personality and style to our outfits, to our day-to-day lives. For this reason, you should not miss the opportunity to take a look at all the models that we have on our website and thus be able to choose that one Trucker cap that best suits your style and personality.

Will our caps also go down in history? If you wear them, Indian Spirit, I sure do!

las gorras de nuestra historia