Sergi Arenas, diseñador y creador de skateparks


Sergi Arenas, designer and creator of skateparks

The Catalan Sergi Arenas is the designer of the skate park located on the beach of Barcelona. In this video he explains how he got inspired and how he decided to design it.

Sergi says that the skate park is made up of three bowls, a long snakerun and that he wanted to convey the sensations of skating on the ocean. He explains that if you launch from the top of the skate park, you have the sensation of moving on three waves. The skate park on the beach in Barcelona also has a small “street zone” that he calls “plaza”, which he designed together with a team of architects also from Barcelona. He listens to everything Sergi Arenas has to say about the skate park in the following video:

Sergi has been skating and designing skateparks throughout Spain for 30 years, he has worked on other projects commissioned by the Barcelona city council and is an important part of the new alternatives to furtive and purely urban skateboarding in the city . During the construction processes, Sergi is in charge of making sure that the works are carried out correctly, supervising the finishes and advising construction companies on the construction of obstacles. A crack!

Did you know Sergi Arenas? Have you ever skated in the Barcelona skate park?