Gafas de sol polarizadas para conducir y hacer de tus viajes una aventura sin límites


Polarized sunglasses for driving and making your trips an adventure without limits

Do you feel like the king of the world when you get in the car? Are you preparing your next adventure behind the wheel? Millions of people around the world enjoy the driving experience. They like to feel the asphalt, to hear the sound of the air coming through the window and the sensation of control of the movement. It is as if, in some way, we were able to reach nirvana by making the journey an art. No matter the destination!

Bikers enjoy the noise of their engine, the wind blowing their clothes and the feeling of total freedom. Other people, on the other hand, prefer to take a motorhome trip to enjoy their days off in an alternative way surrounded by nature and practicing outdoor sports. Perhaps you belong to one of these two groups. Or, perhaps, with the holidays just around the corner, you are planning a getaway with your partner, your family or your friends to relax on the beach or breathe the pure mountain air.

When you get behind the wheel, you should always take safety measures into account –fasten your seat belt, position your mirrors correctly, wear a helmet on the motorcycle…-. But there is another way to increase driving pleasure with maximum protection. Use polarized sunglasses and enjoy the trip with the sharpest vision imaginable. No awkward reflections!

Why wear polarized sunglasses for driving

As you well know, the polarized sunglasses eliminate reflections that usually dazzle drivers and make vision difficult . No more putting on the sunshade and moving your head to avoid glare! All of this translates into an unbeatable driving experience and maximum comfort.

In addition, the lenses of these models improve sharpness, so you will see everything with a more focused and realistic way. In this way, when using them, you will perceive more clearly everything that happens on the road. Get ready to increase your depth perception while decreasing your response time to any mishaps. All advantages!

With their filter against ultraviolet radiation, the use of polarized sunglasses prevents eye diseases and combats eye fatigue, common on long trips with high exposure to sunlight.

Gafas de Sol Polarizadas para conducir

The false myth of polarized sunglasses

Polarized lenses are optimal for eliminating the glare that the sun's rays reflect on the asphalt, in the windows of buildings or in the water on rainy days . But that doesn't mean they're suitable for avoiding glare from other vehicles' headlights when driving at night. Rather the opposite: they lose all their effectiveness.

The reason is that, in a night context, the absence of natural lighting is aggravated by using this type of sunglasses. These models darken the environment even more, as they are designed to filter light and let it pass through the crystals in a very low percentage.

Polarized sunglasses from The Indian Face: your allies on the asphalt

Polarized sunglasses are an essential item for every driver. But best of all, when you get out of your vehicle, they will come in handy to unleash your adrenaline enjoying each of your adventures.

Our designs have category 3 lenses, ideal for good eye protection while driving. Enter our online catalog now and discover the wide variety of polarized sunglasses by Choose yours and enjoy each trip to the fullest. Discover what it's like to drive without limits!