Ester Expósito: 10 cosas sobre ella que deberías saber


Ester Expósito: 10 things about her that you should know

If there is a name that resonates on Spanish screens, it is undoubtedly that of Ester Expósito. It is difficult to find a person who does not know who this young woman is, and that is that her performance in the series 'Elite' earned her to become one of the most acclaimed stars, not only inside, but also outside of our country. Immersed in different projects and advertising campaigns, although she assures that these do not arouse as much interest as acting. Exposito certainly doesn't waste time, and that's why we leave you with a list of 10 things you should know about this young and promising actress.

1. Where is Ester Exposito from?

The Spanish actress was born on January 26, 2000, in Madrid. Coming from a family originally from Viveiro, Galicia, a place where Ester returns when her work allows, to meet her childhood friends and enjoy different activities on the coast. Going surfing with his usual friends is one of the activities he usually resorts to.

2. How did you live your adolescence?

Ester Exposito

“A little choni, but who doesn't?” As the actress herself has defined, as a teenager she didn't like high school very much. The actress, who is such a lover of culture and art, maintains that values ​​like these are not instilled in the institute and that the subjects did not arouse any interest or motivation for her, and that for this reason she does not have a nice memory of that time .

In the Glamor magazine where the actress's face was covered, she confirmed that the high school years had not been a good stage. According to her, Ester has wanted to work since she was six years old and today she thanks her parents for allowing her to enjoy a peaceful childhood.

3. What does the actress think about fame?

Despite the fact that Ester Expósito is aware that fame is a natural consequence of jobs like hers, the truth is that she doesn't get along entirely well with it. On more than one occasion, the one that played Carla in 'Elite', has ensured that although it is comforting that people like her work, sometimes it can be a bit annoying that they recognize her so much, since that “being on the trigger” is not his thing.

4. What is Ester Expósito's favorite activity?

Buceo Ester Exposito

The actress loves all activities related to the sea, including surfing and scuba diving. It is these activities that transport her to her childhood and that she usually does with her father, also a fan of this activity.In addition, he recommends doing it at least once in your life.Although it may undoubtedly come as a surprise to many, one of Ester Expósito's favorite animals is the white shark. One of your obsessions? Diving with this shark.

5. What was Ester Expósito's debut role as an actress?

Although 'Elite' was the project that catapulted her to fame, Expósito began her career a long time before, and as a child she did some jobs such as advertising for a brand of mineral water and in which He participated with his mother. This actress always felt an undoubted curiosity about the world of acting. However, he would not fully venture into this world until a few years later when he would obtain his first acting roles in two of the most well-known Spanish series: 'Centro Médico' and 'Vis a Vis'.

Her acting references of hers are Antonio de la Torre, Roberto Álamo and Carmen Maura with whom she fulfilled a dream by being able to work with her in the series Someone has to die.

ÉLITE Ester Exposito

6. What routine do you follow to stay in shape?

One of the consequences of being so successful is raising many eyes, of course, Ester Expósito was not going to be less. That the actress stays in the best possible physical shape is not a secret, and there are many who want to know what her routine is to achieve it. With Miguel Lordan as Ester's personal trainer and many other celebrities, getting in shape is undoubtedly a much easier task.

As she herself has told, she trains without fail, three days a week and does work focused mainly on the abdomen, legs and buttocks. HIIT routines to work strength and resistance are his favorites.

Ester Exposito

7. Did you know that reggaeton is one of his favorite musical genres?

Since a video on Instagram of her dancing went viral, it was known that Ester Expósito loves Reggaeton. But he has also confessed to liking artists like Maroon 5, Sam Smith and Dua Lipa.

8. What types of causes does the young actress support?

Ester declares herself totally feminist and ensures that beyond the discourse, it is necessary for feminism itself to exist to give women a voice, support each other and understand their place in the world . The situation of the refugees is another issue that moves her and worries her a lot, as she has assured in various interviews.In addition, it supports the LGBTI cause and calls for a teaching method in which the arts are given more prominence.

She promotes all of this through her Instagram profile, being the Spanish woman with the largest number of followers. Expósito wants to go further and is not only satisfied with becoming a great movie star, but is also committed to these values ​​that he intends to spread to create a better society.

9. What other projects has Ester Expósito participated in?

In addition to 'Elite', Ester Expósito has also participated in other projects such as the series 'Someone has to die', 'La caza. Monteperdido' and 'Veneno', some movies like 'Que Dios nos perdone' or 'Mama o papa' and in some music videos like 'DOSIS' by Dvicio and 'Muñequita Linda' by Najwa Nimri.

However, we do not have any new project in which to see the Spanish actress. According to various sources, this may be due to the fact that directors are increasingly looking for lesser-known faces that are not so viral. The "boom" that arose from her character as Carla in Elite may have related her to a certain role within a series for adolescents that often does not interest new films. Her success could be maintained on Netflix and Instagram where the actress has a large number of followers.

10. How is the personality of the actress?

She describes herself as a bit shy, introverted and controlling. On occasion, the actress has confessed that it is difficult for her to open up with others, and although, especially at first, she may seem a bit cold, she likes to be kind to people, especially if it is about her co-stars, her family and friends.

Ester Expósito

After telling you all these curious facts about E ster Expósito , it is clear that this actress has a long way to go in acting, and without a doubt her multifaceted personality stands out wherever she goes. Concerned about social causes, empathetic, disciplined, with an adventurous soul and a lover of diving and sharks, she succeeds with all the work she does and we can't wait to see what other projects she surprises us with!