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Nuestro compromiso con la ayuda social a comunidades desfavorecidas es un pilar fundamental para nuestro crecimiento, tanto a nivel personal como empresarial.

Celebramos el espíritu aventurero que impulsa a explorar nuevos límites y desafíos.

Consideramos los deportes de acción y aventura como un estilo de vida que nos sumerge en experiencias intensas, conectándonos con la esencia misma de la vida y la emoción en cada momento.

Buscamos la libertad a través de los deportes de acción y aventura, fomentando la sensación de libertad en cada movimiento.

Promovemos el respeto y la apreciación por el entorno natural, buscando reconectar con la belleza y armonía que nos brinda, inspirando a preservar y cuidar nuestro ambiente para las generaciones futuras.

Nos comprometemos a proteger y preservar tanto los entornos naturales utilizados para la práctica de deportes de acción como aquellos lugares naturales donde la intervención humana ha dejado una huella invasiva y significativa.

Promovemos una vida activa y apasionada, donde los deportes de acción son una vía para alcanzar la plenitud.

Fomentamos la expresión creativa y la autenticidad en cada vivencia, promoviendo experiencias compartidas genuinas y originales.

Diseñamos productos innovadores que combinan estilo, funcionalidad y resistencia para acompañar en cada aventura.

Ofrecemos productos duraderos y de alto rendimiento que se adaptan a los desafíos de los deportes de acción.

Forjamos vínculos sólidos dentro de una comunidad apasionada por los deportes de acción y la aventura, fomentando la colaboración y el apoyo mutuo entre sus miembros.

Promovemos la autodeterminación para que cada individuo explore su potencial y trace su propio camino hacia la libertad y la aventura personal.

<tc>BORN TO BE FREE</tc>


More than 17 years ago <tc>The Indian Face</tc>® arrived in the fashion and sports industry, since then we have been providing high quality products to athletes, adventurers and all those who wish to follow our philosophy of life. We are a company created by and for fans of sports, adrenaline and adventure.



Brutal quality of the products and I was very surprised by the packaging, it is really careful. I will repeat without a doubt

California, USA

Excellent choice. Every day I like them more. When you open the box the sensations are very good. The design is perfect, combining modernity and comfort. 100% recommendable

Madrid, Spain

Beautiful and modern glasses. They fit very well, are comfortable and come very well presented for a gift. Quality and design at a good price

Chamonix, France

The t-shirts are very comfortable and the sweatshirts are very warm. The order arrived very quickly and they helped me a lot to solve some problems. I love the brand

Berlin Germany

I am passionate about the brand. I've been fascinated by it since I was little. His spirit is brutal!!

Buenos Aires, Argentina

The Indian Face is the materialized expression of freedom. Of ambition and the desire to excel. The Indian Face is sport, nature and adrenaline.

The Indian Face was born more than 15 years ago and has grown adapting to new trends and the emerging needs of athletes, designing with care and love products with the most high quality to make practicing sports a safe exercise.

From the brand we strive to serve the consumer globally, offering a range of products that ensure visual and dermal health against the effects of the sun. In parallel, we approach fashion by designing a wide variety of models in each product range we offer, thus allowing each consumer to choose the one that best suits their taste, always with the best quality-price.


Living is wonderful, we love everything that Mother Nature gives us and gives us every day of our lives. The world is full of amazing corners that you have to explore and enjoy.

100% SPORT LOVERS: Sport, action, adventure, friends... everything helps you find harmony with yourself and feeling more alive and energetic.

At The Indian Face we have an increasingly extensive community of elite and amateur athletes, adventurers and free spirits who identify with us and our philosophy , and who also firmly trust our products and feel comfortable and safe when wearing them.

At The Indian Face, we also distribute our products to more than 30 countries in Europe, America, Asia and Oceania . Thanks to the facilities that digitalization and new communications give us, we have the capacity to cover countries that are far away from us. Social networks are one of the means through which our products are made known in other continents and cultures, and the versatility, freedom and wide range of options that we offer and that characterize our brand, are the causes of that consumers from all over the planet come to The Indian Face to equip themselves and enjoy our products.


We are free spirits and that is our most important quality. important. We are in love with life and we want to make the most of every second, as if it were our last. We flee from established norms, we do not conform and we throw ourselves headlong into new experiences.

The range of products we offer at The Indian Face is very varied, covering various market segments. In our online store we have sunglasses, in which you can find glasses for women and men. At The Indian Face we also accommodate caps, as we offer caps in different colors and shapes for both women and men.


Caps, another of the season's trending accessories, are also available from The Indian Face.

This year's fashion caps come in various shades and shapes. We are known for designing mesh caps with a drawing or logo on the front. The types of caps we offer range from personalized caps to sports caps. All of them come in various colors, always remaining faithful to the pioneers of the market; to baseball caps also called baseball caps.

Baseball caps were born when the members of a baseball team decided to incorporate an extra accessory into their clothing: a wool cap. This occurs in the mid-19th century, when baseball caps become the new fashion accessory. Over the years, changes have been made to the fabric and shape of these caps, always maintaining their popularity intact. They have survived to this day, and to The Indian Face.

Sports caps represent different sports that we consider ourselves passionate about, and we hope our potential consumers do too.

On the other hand, in our collection package you can also find trucker caps. Our sports caps can be personalized, since each consumer can choose from all of them, the sport they practice and the background color they want to wear on their personalized cap.

We have a special affection for the trucker cap due to the history that accompanies it. This accessory was born as an advertising motif in the 60s, and truck drivers from meat and farming companies began to wear caps promoting their brand. The trend of wearing a personalized cap, with a logo on the front, crossed the line between advertising and business, and began to be worn as a fashion accessory. The trucker cap boom has not declined since the beginning of the 21st century and remains an endless fashion accessory.


We compete with the leading sunglasses brands in the Spanish market, we have modern sunglasses that follow the trends of each season . We adapt to current tastes by providing sunglasses in round or square shapes, as well as more classic and timeless models. Whatever the time of year, at The Indian Face we make sure you find fashionable sunglasses when you access our website.

The firm also offers polarized sunglasses, which provide you with. greater visual and ocular softness. At The Indian Face we offer great optical products because we have been contributing our dedication and effort for many years to produce sunglasses within the reach of anyone and ensure the loyalty and trust of our consumers.

In general terms, at The Indian Face we try to design unisex products that adapt to both women and men. However, it is true that there are models that can be more suited to a women's sunglasses, as they have more elongated, “cate ye” shapes, or models with a rounded structure and a not very large size. For their part, there are also other models that can function as sunglasses for men, having larger, square shapes and more sober colors.

Times have changed and so have tastes. Nowadays there are no longer women's sunglasses exclusively for them, and in the same way, we can see the supposed men's sunglasses on women's eyes. The variety of models, preferences and styles allow us to offer all our products to whoever wants to wear them, and we encourage both men and women to leave their comfort zone and wear the glasses they want, without taking into account the stereotypes, which are , precisely, to be left aside.


At The Indian Face we want to offer you the best products, fashionable clothing but without losing the essence of sportswear. We like casual clothing and our greatest hope is that our free spirits can wear their favorite clothing brand, and that is why we have designed perfect clothing for everyone, both men's clothing and women's clothing.

In our online clothing store you will find the latest: casual clothing, sports clothing, urban clothing and even snow clothing. We want our entire free spirit family to feel identified with our clothes, that when they wear our clothes they speak for them.

The Indian Face's clothes have been manufactured exclusively with you in mind, to be your travel companions. Beach, mountains, city... no matter where you go, there will always be a product for you.

All our clothing follows unisex sizing. At The Indian Face we do not believe in any type of distinction, whether it is gender, race, age... The only condition to buy clothes from The Indian Face is to be a lover of life! Therefore, all our clothing items are universal, perfect for men and women of any style.

We have three standards that each and every one of our products has to meet: comfort, design and trend. For this reason, all our clothing items are made with the best materials. We have chosen cotton as the main material for all our clothing, to achieve comfortable, soft to the touch, breathable, hypoallergenic and durable garments.

In addition, we like to give you the best clothes at the best price. On the The Indian Face website you will find a wide variety of products, so you can choose the one that best suits you. But if there is something that all our garments share, it is the guarantee of excellent quality and long durability. It is our only motivation to strive every day, reciprocate our great community and be your trusted clothing brand.


T-shirts are one of our star products at The Indian Face. We strive to offer you the best in all our products and, of course, also to give you the t-shirt you deserve. A comfortable, timeless and stylish t-shirt.

All The Indian Face t-shirts have been designed with you in mind. We design from the heart, thinking about those t-shirts that inspire us and we would buy without thinking twice. Our purpose is that, when you wear one of our t-shirts, it speaks for you.

We like to make sports t-shirts without losing the urban style. We know that each free spirit has its own style, and for that reason we design the perfect t-shirt for each one. In our catalog you will find t-shirts of all kinds of colors, from some basic t-shirts such as the white t-shirt, the black t-shirt or the gray t-shirt, to other more daring models such as the yellow t-shirt, orange t-shirt, green t-shirt, maroon t-shirt, blue t-shirt or Red shirt.

Our t-shirts were created to dress thousands of free spirits from all over the world, regardless of gender, country, or age. For this reason, we do not make any difference between genders. We are not about selling t-shirts for men or t-shirts for women, at The Indian Face we design universal t-shirts, in unisex sizing. We want our products to be worn by any free-spirited person who identifies with our values.

In addition, if there is something that characterizes us at The Indian Face, it is our commitment to maximum quality. And the only way to get a comfortable, stylish and excellent quality t-shirt is by designing with the ideal materials. All The Indian Face t-shirts are made with the best fabrics, offering you a soft t-shirt; absorbent, ideal for both winter and summer; and easy to care for, which will extend the life of your t-shirt.


At The Indian Face we want to accompany you wherever we can, whatever the situation or place. For this reason we make different products: so that The Indian Face always accompanies you on all your adventures, regardless of what they are. We want to be with you!

If there is a garment that is versatile, it is undoubtedly the sweatshirt. We know our free spirits, and we know that they like to travel anywhere in the world, they go into forests, climb mountains, enjoy themselves on the beach... they are adventurous people, who are moved by adrenaline. Therefore, they need a sweatshirt that adapts to all scenarios.

Our sweatshirts are the perfect option for your everyday life, your all-terrain garment. In our collection you will find the latest trends, and we promise you will find your ideal sweatshirt. You can choose between very different colors, from the classic black sweatshirt, the white sweatshirt or the gray sweatshirt, to other models of original sweatshirts such as the red sweatshirt, the sweatshirt, the green sweatshirt, the yellow sweatshirt, the orange sweatshirt, the blue sweatshirt and the maroon sweatshirt.

All our sweatshirts have been designed to be in contact with nature, but also to show off on the streets of your favorite city. The design of our sweatshirts follows unisex sizing, which makes them the perfect sweatshirts for both men and women. If you were looking for sweatshirts for couples, at The Indian Face we have the solution to match them whenever you want.

In the The Indian Face online store you can find sports sweatshirts, especially surfer sweatshirts and more basic sweatshirts, so you can choose which one suits you best. The only condition is that you are free spirit. Hoodies, hooded sweatshirts, plain sweatshirts... we leave that to your choice.

As for their manufacturing, our sweatshirts are made of the best materials, to guarantee maximum quality. They are sweatshirts made with the best fabrics that promise softness; They are warm, perfect for those moments when the wind blows after a surf session; and they will last you many years in good condition.