More than 15 years ago The Indian Face® arrived in the fashion industry, since then we have been providing high quality products to athletes, adventurers and all those who wish to follow our philosophy of life. We are a company created by and for lovers of sports, adrenaline and adventure.


We are free spirits and that is our most important quality. We are in love with life and we want to make the most of every second, as if it were our last. We flee from established norms, we do not conform and we throw ourselves headlong into new experiences.


We do not hesitate to say that all The Indian Face products manage to speak for us. Quality, utility and design come together to offer you the best features so that, in this way, we accompany you on all the adventures that life has prepared for you. Now, where does our inspiration come from? And most importantly: what drives us to continue creating?

The Indian Face is not only an accessories brand; It's much more than that. It is action, adrenaline, style, sport, vitality and improvement. We have been fighting for more than 15 years and our passion to improve every day leads us to continue daring with collections designed solely and exclusively for you.

Our team is made up of people like you: passionate about life and lovers of urban style. We design from the heart; That is why we seek to create those products for which we are the first to bet. Our most Indian spirit leads us to connect with people who put their freedom and their desire to express themselves as they are above all else. What a great thing to have people like that! It's like... like having a huge group of friends with whom a special “something” always arises when they get together.


Going on an adventure is an impulse that we do not want anyone to repress, which is why since 2007 we have been seeking to connect our customers with the highest quality accessories so that nothing can stop them.


Because, at the end of the day, what's the point of living if it's not to give your all? What's the point of having dreams if it's not to put them into action? What good is time if it is not to squeeze it until it is exhausted? The time will come to repent, to rest or to give up... but not now! And we have to go out there and carry as our flag that the ambition and vitality that we carry within is what moves us and will always move us to move forward. We are lucky to be alive and have the chance to try to achieve what many tell us is unattainable. Isn't that what we are all after? Happiness?

We are not really discovering anything new to you with this, but sport is the maximum source of life. And that is a fact! Within our team, just like in any community, there is everything: lovers of skiing, surfing, mountains, skateboarding, BASE jumping, climbing... and even though we have different tastes, together we come to the same idea: we are 100% sport lovers! Finding everyone's place can be overwhelming and even desperate. Who I am? How I feel? Where am I going? Well, all those abstract and sometimes incongruous questions end up dissipating every time we put our body in motion. When we play sports we free ourselves, and that helps us face everyday life from a much more relaxed and calm perspective. Living should always be little by little, trying to enjoy the smallest things, valuing time and our loved ones, and without letting reality leave us without dreams. And, if dreams did not exist, The Indian Face would not exist!

Finally, after so many years, we have managed to turn our passion into our profession, and we want to always transmit to you all the energy necessary to continue moving forward wherever life takes you. And in company everything is always better. Are you coming?


We feel Indian in spirit, although we grow and evolve our roots remain intact and remind us of where we come from and where we are going. Thanks to all this we have managed to market men's and women's accessories in more than 30 countries in Europe, America, Asia and Oceania.