10 libros de skate muy recomendables


10 highly recommended skateboard books

10 highly recommended skateboard books

Passionate about the board and skateboarding, today we recommend 10 readings that you should take into account no matter what.

Fuck you heroes

This book is a collection of photographs by Glen E. Friedman about the worlds of punk, hip hop and skateboarding. Zboys characters are illustrated with Minor Threat, Fugazi, Bad Brains, Black Flag or others like Ice T, Public Enemy. This work has been exhibited in different museums throughout the world.

Raw Cuts

Fun texts and interesting descriptions of places in this Tijuana skate zine. With a sarcastic tone, you will feel identified in some of their stories.

Skate and destroy

Collection of images from the famous Trasher magazine from 1981 to today. Spectacular photographs, covers of the publication, reports, interviews and many curiosities.

Built to grind: 25 years of hardcore skateboarding

Another indispensable volume from Trasher's production company, High Speed ​​Productions, is Built to grind: 25 years of hardcore skateboarding. That illustrates the evolution and international consolidation of skateboarding.

Epic spots

The book with which you will discover the best places in the world to skate. If you like traveling and skateboarding, don't hesitate, this is your book.

Scarred for life

Keith David Hamm narrates in this book the birth, development and consolidation of skateboarding in the US, from the 50s to the New York of today.

My life as a skateboarder, junkie, immate, pastor

Cristian Hosoi tells us his own story in this work. When you read it, you'll understand why this skater writer is known as the “Jedi master mind”.

The available skateboard Bible

Get inspired by this book of graphics, images, charts, designs, and aesthetics from the world of skateboarding. It is a very famous and valued volume throughout the world.

Surf, Skate and Rock Art

Jim Phillips' illustrations of skate graphics, covers, posters... Very nice compilation of this magnificent artist.

Full Bleed

Enjoy spectacular footage of skateboarding in New York City with the Full Bleed book. Discover excellent spots, very useful if you like to skate and you are going to visit the city.