10 cosas sobre Amber Heard que no sabías


10 Things About Amber Heard You Didn't Know

Amber Heard is an American actress and model who rose to fame starring in the film Aquaman, based on the Warner Bross comic, in which Amber had the pleasure of sharing the scene with celebrities from the likes of Nicole Kidman and Jason Momoa. Her beginnings in public life began when Amber was immersed in the theater industry and advertising. Brands wanted his image for campaigns and TV spots, so Heard started making money through this industry. Despite having more than demonstrated that she is very valid professionally, her character and personal problems have meant that we see her less and less on the screen. Are you curious to know more about his personal and professional life? Read on!

1. Where and when was Amber Heard born?

Amber Heard de niña

    The actress was born and raised in Austin (Texas), one of the most populous states in the United States, on April 22, 1986. There she was raised by her mother Patricia Paige Parsons, a state investigator, and her father, David Clinton Cage, a contractor. It was in Austin where he began his studies at St. Michael's, until in the third year the young woman decided to fight for her true passion: acting. When she began her acting career, she moved to Los Angeles and left her hometown behind.

    2. Did you know that Heard became an atheist after his best friend died in a car accident?

      The American actress and model, who had been raised in a Catholic environment since she was born, declared herself an atheist after the fateful death of her best friend in a car accident at the age of 16. From this moment she was influenced by the objectivism of Ayn Rand, a Russian philosopher and writer living in the United States who defended the use of reason in any event.

      3. Did you know that Amber Heard made her debut at the Toronto International Film Festival at just 20 years old?

        The actress, who had previously played minor roles, made her debut at the Toronto International Film Festival with the horror film All The Boys Love Mandy Lane (2006), a film in which she starred and which was to be a success in the cinematographic world.

        All the boys love Mandy Lane

        4. Why do you think Amber Heard dropped out at 17?

          After starting modeling at the age of 17, Amber Heard decided to drop out of her studies at the Catholic Academy of St. Michael's, a school in Austin that she stopped attending because she couldn't balance the castings, filming, rehearsals and tests of the modeling and acting industry. He decided to bet fully on his passion, and it seems that it did not go so badly.

          6. Why was her marriage to Johnny Deep anything but idyllic?

          Amber Heard y Johny Deep

            Amber Heard and Johnny Deep got married in 2015, and far from being a perfect romance, the couple has experienced multiple confrontations ever since. They divorced two years later and Amber Heard accused Deep of domestic and psychological violence, a fact that years later it was shown that Heard had exercised towards Deep. They went to trial in 2020 and it was broadcast on YouTube, but it was not until the following year that it was shown that Heard had lied in her statements and was guilty of the crime of which she accused her ex-husband. This fact has caused thousands of Johnny Deep fans to position themselves against the actress, thus causing a serious reputational conflict in her career.

            7. What do you think are the actress's favorite hobbies?

              In addition to cinema, the American actress who starred in Aquaman also has other passions. These include horse riding, climbing, swimming, diving and golf. Amber has confessed on several occasions that sport is one of her biggest hobbies and whenever she can, she practices these activities in nature.

              8. The altruistic profile of Amber Heard.

              Amber Heard - American Medical Society

                During her career in entertainment, the actress has also contributed through donations and speaking to charitable causes. She has been appointed ambassador and defender of human rights by the UN, where she has developed projects with indigenous communities in the Darién region, in Latin America, knowing closely the reality of women in those areas. He was also part of the committee of the "American Medical Society" in Syria, where he contributed to issues of refugees and children in conditions of abandonment.

                9. Heard belongs to the LGTBI community

                  When the actress publicly admitted that she was bisexual, she saw before her eyes that her career could be hanging by a thread. The artist confessed that despite coming from a conservative family in Texas, making this type of confession in an industry like Hollywood put her career on the edge, many castings were rejected after making her confession public. However, some time later she became a spokesperson for this community, promoting the defense of their rights.

                  10. Was Amber Heard a mother through surrogacy?

                    One of her biggest dreams was always to be a mother, however, during her adolescence they confirmed that she was infertile. Despite this and in the midst of all the legal commotion in which she was involved, Heard sought a way to be a mother 'on her own terms' as she herself expressed it, opting for surrogacy surrogacy, welcoming daughter Oonah Paige Heard.

                    Amber Heard con su hija

                    Now that you know more about the professional and personal life of the American actress, and despite her complications with the law in her marriage to Johnny Deep, there is no doubt that Amber Heard is an actress through and through. head. We have been able to see her in major film premieres, impeccably defending the roles she has played, and if the actress's personal problems allow it, we will be able to continue seeing her on the big screen soon.