10 cosas acerca de Jon Rahm:  El mejor golfista español


10 things about Jon Rahm: The best Spanish golfer

If you're a fan of golf, you're probably already familiar with the adventures of Jon Rahm; a professional golfer from Vizcaya who has dedicated his life to the sport since he was very young. He was number 1 for 60 weeks in the World Amateur Golf Ranking, since it makes him the golfer who has been number one in the world for the longest time. In 2017 he won the San Diego Open, the Irish Open and the Dubai World Championship. Also, and as if that were not enough, Jon Rahm is considered the best golfer in the world. He is the first Spanish golfer to win the US Open, a competition he led in the summer of 2021. Now, if you want to know some curiosities about the personal and professional life of the Basque golfer, keep reading. This post interests you.

1. Where and when was Jon Rahm born?

Jon Rahm

    The golfer was born on November 10, 1994 in Barrica, a municipality in Vizcaya belonging to the Basque Country. His mother, Ángela Rodríguez, was born in Madrid, while his father, Edorta Rahm, in Bilbao. His name comes from the Basque tradition and his first surname from Switzerland, just like his paternal descent. In fact, his family owned the first Swiss bar in Bilbao; Café Suizo , where his ancestors proudly worked to serve their customers.

    2. Did you know that Rahm's grandfather was a very important figure for Athletic Club Bilbao for 33 years?

      Jon's paternal grandfather, Sabin Rahm, was for 33 years the official delegate of the alevines, youth and children of Athletic Club de Bilbao , having seen great stars of the Basque club grow up who have made history in Lezama. Along with Manolo Morán, Jon's grandfather was in charge of moving the players and also communicating the results of the decisive matches to the press. Sabin Rahm will always be an Athletic legend, having made many of the members who have worn the red and white shirt today remember his figure.

      3. Do you know the passion of the Basque for sports?

      Jon Rahm Athletic Club Bilbao

      In addition to golf, Jon Rahm has repeatedly acknowledged his passion for many other sports. From tennis to kung-fu, the Basque has practiced multiple disciplines since he was very young. Due to the profession of his paternal grandfather, someone who has always supported him when he opted for golf, Jon has shown his support for Athletic Club de Bilbao on numerous occasions. In several interviews he has confessed that he finally chose golf because it was the sport that best suited his competitive nature.

      4. Did you know that Jon is a great friend of Aritz Aduriz?

        Given his fanaticism for Athletic Club de Bilbao , the golfer has created great friendships in the stands of San Mamés. Among them, ex-soccer player Aritz Aduriz stands out, Athletic's top scorer in the 21st century and a great legend for the club. In addition, with him he shares his passion for golf, a discipline that Aritz practices as a hobbie in his free time.

        5. When did Jon Rahm enter the world of golf?

        Jon Rahm US OPEN

        Unlike what happens in many families of athletes, no one in Rahm's family was dedicated to golf, which is why his skills for this sport were so surprising. So where does this love of golf come from? According to what Rahm himself tells, as a child he was a very active child, which is why his parents signed him up for a number of sports such as soccer, canoeing, shoveling or kung fu. Without hesitation, Rahm opted for golf because he felt that it was the one that you competed the most.

        The professional golfer began his career in golf at the early age of 10 when his parents signed him up for Club Deportivo Martiartu, in Erandio (Vizcaya). From this precise moment, and after having verified that the Basque had talent, his family decided to enroll him in a club where he would dedicate himself fully to his great passion. The space selected was the Larrabea Golf Club, located in Álava. From this moment on, all Jon did was grow as a golfer, and of course, his talent and perseverance have led him to great success in the world of golf.

        6. Where did Jon Rahm study?

          After finishing his high school studies in the Basque Country, the golfer received a scholarship to study at Arizona State University, and at just 18 years old he moved to the United States to fight for his great passion: golf. Although his beginnings abroad were tough, the Basque quickly enrolled in the Arizona State Sun Devils golf club, where he won eleven university tournaments and met one of his great supporters since then: Tim Mickelson. He was his manager and his right hand since the young man arrived in Arizona with great enthusiasm and a great road ahead.

          7. Did you know that the Englishman almost ruined his career in Arizona?

          Jon Rahm

            Despite the fact that today he is fluent in English thanks to the years he spent in the United States and the help of his wife Kelley Cahil, this has not always been the case. When he moved to Arizona to study at Arizona State University, Basque did not control the Anglo-Saxon language at all. Such was his difficulty managing the language that his coach and manager, Tim Mickelson, came to believe that this handicap would ruin his career and he would not pass the course. Despite his fear, the Basque got his act together and managed to overcome obstacles with the help of songs by artists like Eminem and Kendrick Lamar.

            On the other hand, he surpassed the famous Jack Nicklaus at just 20 years old. Nicklaus's record was 18 grand and not even Tiger Wood had managed to surpass the data of the so-called Golden Bear. In 2014 Rahm scored 23 under, ending Nicklaus's record from 1960.

            8. Why has his strong character played tricks on him?

              Jon Rahm's competitive nature has meant that his fury has played tricks on him throughout his career. When he played on the university golf team in Arizona, his coach and manager Tim Mickelson had to impose harsh punishments on him to make him see that bad temper would not bring him good things in his career. In addition, his desire to win produced certain clashes with the Federation in his Amateur stage. In some other championship he has broken more than one stick due to the Basque's frustration after not having achieved his goals on the field. Over the years and experience, Rahm has learned to control his anger after a bad blow or defeat.

              9. What was the promise Jon Rahm made to his parents?

              Padres Jon Rahm

              When the Basque began to realize the potential he had to achieve what he set out to do on the golf course, he promised his parents not to join the federation until he finished his communication studies at the university. Despite being prepared to make the leap to professional sports in 2015, when he finished fifth at the Phoenix Open, he kept his promise and turned down great opportunities until the end of his college career.

              10. What was the reason for the forced abandonment of Rahm in the Memorial Tournament?

                The Basque participated in the annual tournament held in Ohio, United States, with the clear conviction that he would be in a very good position, but what he did not know is that he would be forced to leave the competition after having tested positive in Covid-19. This was a great frustration for him since at the time of the withdrawal he was in first place in the tournament standings with a 6 shot advantage over the next opponent.

                Rahm has his own club called “Friends of Jon Rahm” founded by a group from Larrabea, which was his club since he started in the world of golf. The supporters club is chaired by Joseba Cedrún, brother of a former Athletic player.

                If there is one thing that is clear, it is that the success of the Basque golfer did not come to his life by chance. His competitive character, desire to excel and perseverance have made the Basque the number 1 golfer in the world. Undoubtedly, his family and friends should be very proud of the path that Jon Rahm has taken, an athlete from head to toe, and also a person loved and admired by all golf fans.