10 cosas sobre Keanu Reeves qué te gustaría saber


10 things about Keanu Reeves that you would like to know

If you want to know more about the professional career of actor and musician Keanu Reeves, you can't miss today's post. This actor has played great roles in famous productions such as the comedy Bill and Ted (1989-2020), the action thriller Point Break (1991) or the drama Little Buddha (1993). A critic from the New York Times described Keanu as a versatile actor with an incredible attitude towards the roles he defends.

There is no doubt that the awards he holds are due to the hard work the actor has put in since his beginnings in the industry at the age of 9. In addition, we have been able to see how the actor develops in the world of rock like a fish in water. If you want to know more about the achievements of the famous actor and singer, keep reading!

1. Where and when was Keanu Reeves born?

    The actor and musician was born in Beirut (Lebanon) on September 2, 1964. His mother is English, his father Hawaiian, and his grandmother Chinese and Hawaiian, so cultural diversity has never been lacking in the life of Reeves, who has lived in multiple cities throughout his childhood and adolescence. When his parents divorced in 1971, his mother moved with him to Sydney (Australia), and later to New York and Toronto (Canada), where they finally found the stability the family needed and he obtained Canadian citizenship. . Thus, the neighborhood in which he spent most of his adolescence was Yorkville, an exclusive neighborhood belonging to Toronto.

    Keanu Reeves de niño y joven

    2. Do you want to know why the actor was expelled from several schools when he was little?

      Keanu Reeves studied at several schools, including the Etobicoke School of the Arts, where he studied until he was 5 years old and from which he was expelled for being too clever and displaying inappropriate behavior in the classes he attended attended. Several teachers constantly called him attention for his attitude.

      3. Did you know that one of his big dreams as a child was to be a hockey player?

        Reeves, in addition to being passionate about music and movies, was also passionate about sports, and more specifically ice hockey. When he began his studies at La Salle University, he quickly joined the institution's hockey team. In several interviews he has confessed that he would have loved to be a great player for the professional team of the country where he grew up; Canada. He managed to be a great goalkeeper but, unfortunately, a fracture forced him to reconsider the possibility of building his future in another industry.

        4. What is the actor's personality like?

          Both the actor's industry peers and his friends and family say that Keane's main characteristic is cuteness . In numerous public events he has shown that he is an endearing person and full of good intentions. One of the facts that verifies this quality of the actor is the magnificent relationship he has with his mother, Patricia Taylor, a great designer who has dressed great celebrities, among which Alice Cooper stands out, for whom he made the suit that he wore for the cover. Playboy in 1978. In 2020 we were able to see how Keane attended the Oscars hand in hand with his mother, a scene that, above all, showed the sweetness with which the actor boasts of being a parent.

          Keanu Reeves y su madre, Patricia Taylor

          5. When did you receive a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame?

            The artist began to receive numerous positive reviews praising his work in the movie The Matrix (1999). As a result of his starring role in this production, the actor received great film offers that only increased his fame and professional career. These include the supernatural thriller The Gift (2000) and the romantic comedy Something's Gotta Give (2003). It was shortly after these successes, in 2005, when his work as an actor was recognized with a star on the Walk of Fame, specifically at 6801 Hollywood Boulevard.

            6. Do you know the most spiritual facet of the actor?

              Although Reeves has affirmed on several occasions that he does not identify with any religion, the actor considers himself a spiritual man who believes in faith, in God, in the interior and in passion, but not tied to any religious pattern, Instead, he follows his own instincts and considers that this belief must be absolutely private and personal. In the same way, in an interview he has confirmed that he is attracted to Buddhism and the philosophy that this dogma transmits. But again, he has never wanted to get too wet with this subject because he considers it fully private.

              7. Did you know that Keane Reeves created a cancer organization without putting his name on it?

              Keanu Reeves Fundaciones

              The actor has always stated and proven that money is not the most important thing to him. For this reason, and combining this belief with his altruistic facet, Reeves decided to create a non-profit organization through which to finance the costs of hospitals and services necessary for cancer research. Faced with this charity, the famous actor preferred to remain anonymous so as not to claim the merits of said action. Unfortunately, Reeves has had to live closely with a most delicate disease, since his sister Kim fought leukemia for several months but was finally cured. In addition to his own organization, the actor has donated millions of dollars to causes such as Stand Up to Cancer, SickKids and PETA (an organization that advocates for animal rights).

              8. Would you like to know what business the actor founded in 2018?

              Arch Motorcycle is a custom motorcycle company that the actor created with Gard Hollinder in 2018. Reeves has always been a big fan of motorcycles, and without going any further, he has several high-end models to his name. A few years before founding Arch Motorcycle, the actor stopped by Hollinder's garage with his Harley Davidson to fix a series of minor problems. It was at this precise moment that he realized that there was a gap to be filled in the motorcycle industry and the two founded the company.

              Arch Motorcycle Keanu Reeves

              The entity is dedicated to manufacturing high-quality aluminum motorcycles with V-Twin engines and top-performance Michelin tires. The great advantage they offer is the adaptation of the needs and tastes of the buyer when making their product.

                9. Did you know that his ex-wife died in a traffic accident?

                  Despite the actor's successes and achievements, misfortunes came into his life unexpectedly when, in addition to dealing with his sister's illness, he also had to face the sudden death of his ex-wife Jennifer Maria Syme, with whom he kept many beautiful memories of his marriage and a great friendship. The American actress and personal assistant also died in a traffic accident at the age of 28, something that the actor acknowledges that he has not fully overcome.

                  Keanu Reeves y Jennifer Maria Syme

                  10. Do you want to know what amazing musical star Keanu Reeves opened for?

                  In addition to his passion for acting, the actor has also been part of the music industry, both solo and in a group. Despite the fact that music was just a hobbie for him, the American network MTV began to give credit to his musical works in the 90s. It was in 1995 when Reeves opened for David Bowie on his tour of Asia and the United States accompanied by his rock band; Dogstar. At that time, the actor's face was already known for having appeared in renowned films of the time, but very few people knew his facet as a musician. In the year 2000, and after having explored the world of the stage, the actor's grunge band put an end to his career in the music industry to focus fully on his film projects.
                  David Bowie y Keanu Reeves - Dogstar

                  Despite the misfortunes that the famous actor had to face during his professional career, his desire to grow in the workplace never prevented him from advancing in the film industry. That is why the people around Keanu define him as a tenacious, fighter and kind man, qualities that he has proven to possess, showing his altruistic support for large associations against cancer and other social causes.