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10 things you should know about Lindsey Vonn: The best alpine skier.

Lindsey Vonn is an American alpine skier known for having participated in different Olympic Games and having achieved numerous victories. Vonn is one of the most acclaimed athletes in the world within this discipline and an example to follow for the new generations who want to dedicate themselves to professional skiing. If you are interested in knowing a little more about this athlete, keep reading because here we tell you 10 things about Lindsey Vonn that you should know.

1. When and where was Lindsey Vonn born?

    Lindsey Carolina Kildow (Lindsey Vonn) was born on October 18, 1984 in Saint Paul, Minnesota. She has four siblings and is the daughter of Linda Anne, of Norwegian descent, and Alan Kildow.

    2. When did you start skiing?

    Lindsey Vonn de niña

      Lindsay Vonn began skiing at a very young age. At the age of two she took her first steps in this sport, until at the age of nine, she and her family realized how good she was at this sport and how fast she could be.

      3. Did you know that this skier was introduced to the world of skiing thanks to her father?

        Lindsey Vonn's father, Alan Kildow is a former junior national ski champion who began instilling a passion for the sport in his daughter when she was still very young. Vonn's first coach was Erich Sailer, who at the time had also trained his father and was inducted into the 'America Ski and Snowboard Hall of Fame'.

        Lindsey Vonn y Alan Kildow

        4. Why is Lindsey Vonn considered a legend in the world of skiing?

        Lindsey Vonn

          After her retirement Lindsey Vonn became a legend after boasting victories in all alpine disciplines. Among his achievements, he has eight Olympic medals, two of which are gold. She also won four World Cup Overalls, two World Championships, and 82 Alpine Ski World Cup victories making her the winningest skier in the world in both the men's and women's categories.

          5. What are some other hobbies of the skier?

            In addition to skiing, this athlete has other hobbies, which although some of them are sports, are also very different. Lindsey Vonn is a fan of surfing, especially during the summer season, horseback riding or biking and doing circuits in the mountains. And if it's about being with friends and having a good time, the piano is his best ally, since he sings songs together for fun.

            Lindsey Vonn Caballos

            6. At what age did Lindsey Vonn retire?

            After managing to become the best female skier in the world and almost surpassing the only man who had a better record than her, Lindsey Vonn decided to retire at the age of 34, disputing her last descent at the Are World Cups in Sweden in which she won a bronze medal despite suffering a knee injury. Undoubtedly, the injuries had a great responsibility in the skier's withdrawal, since as she herself stated, her body and mind were not up to par, and despite having achieved many victories, she had also won many accidents. Thanks to his numerous victories, but also to his ability to excel, Vonn was awarded the 'Princess of Asturias Award for Sports'.

            Lindsey Vonn

            7. What famous athlete did you have a relationship with?

              From 2007 to 2011, the famous athlete was married to Thomas Vonn, a famous American skier, from whom she would adopt her last name even after her divorce that would finally take place in 2013. After this notorious breakup, the skier met golfer Tiger Woods in 2012 with whom she had a relationship that lasted until 2015 due to some rumors of infidelity on the part of Woods, just as it happened in the famous athlete's previous relationship.

              Lindsey Vonn y Tiger Woods

              8. Do you know what Lindsey Vonn's curious pet is?

                This renowned athlete is a lover of animals, and although she owns her three dogs Leo, Lucy and Bear, whom she has even taken to important competitions on occasion, the truth is that the skier also has other 'pets' which are not exactly what everyone might expect. In 2005 and after winning a competition in Val d'Isère, the athlete was presented with a cow; Normally, those who receive this animal usually exchange it for money, but Vonn did not want to and kept it as a pet, which he called Olympia. In the years 2009 and 2014 he experienced the same situation again, and again kept the cows he won.

                9. What has this skier been doing after retiring from competitions?

                  After making the hard decision to retire from the ski slopes at a professional level, Lindsey Vonn took a break to recover from her knee injury that she had been dragging for a long time. However, the new emotions did not stop there, and that is that Vonn became a bikini model for the magazine 'Sports Illustrated', in which other well-known faces such as models Barbara Palvin and Bar Refaeli or Beyoncé herself.

                  10. Did you know that there is a documentary that talks about the skier and her last season as an athlete?

                  Lindsey Vonn

                    After the skier retired, a documentary about her that had been in the works for a while was released. ‘Lindsey Vonn: The Final Season’ is the documentary that narrates how this athlete lived her last season as an elite skier. It is an uncensored documentary that tells not only of Vonn's victories, but also his failures, as well as the long and hard recovery from his knee after undergoing surgery for an injury.

                    Lindsey Vonn will always remain in everyone's mind as one of the best skiers in the world. During his active career he achieved victories that had never been seen and outnumbered some legends who were his sports predecessors. A pride for her country, Vonn has received various awards and titles such as the best female athlete of the year 2010 that only confirm what everyone already knew: Lindsey Vonn is a legend of the sport, and, when it comes to challenging herself, don't hesitate to do it.