10 cosas sobre Patry Jordán que deberías saber


10 things about Patry Jordán that you should know

Although her name is Patry Jordán, we could also know her as the queen of fitness and sports. 'Gym virtual' is one of the YouTube channels of this Blogger and influencer who after a few years has taught her lifestyle through her videos, He has undoubtedly become one of the best-known Spanish characters on social networks.

Without a doubt, Jordan's great success and where most began to know her was as a consequence of the Covid-19 pandemic. Beyond his followers, many people locked in their homes enjoyed Patry's rhythm and exercise that helped overcome confinement through his YouTube videos. The coach commented in an interview for the fashion section of ElPaís that the option of doing sports from home had taken a long time to arrive in Spain because "here we are very much that everything we do looks good"

Beauty expert and personal trainer are two other facets of Patry that can be highlighted, and that is that although she is now a more than recognizable figure, her beginnings were very different. Keep reading and don't miss the 10 things about Patry Jordán that you should know.

1. She is one of the most followed Spanish youtubers on social networks.

Gym Virtual Patry Jordan

    Patry Jordán has several YouTube channels, however, her main ones are 'Secretos de Chicas' and 'Gym Virtual' among which she has millions of subscribers.

    2. Did you know that before becoming famous, Patry Jordán worked in a gym?

    Patry Jordan

      Before she began to gain popularity in 2010 for her YouTube videos, Patry Jordán worked as a beautician and gym instructor in Girona, her hometown, which had to close due to the economic crisis she was going through the country.

      Despite this, the facts show that she is quite a fighter and she knew how to renew herself to continue doing what she likes the most, as we will see below.

      3. He comes from a sporty family

        That the well-known youtuber owes her success to her beauty advice and her sports routines is no coincidence, since in reality this taste for keeping the body in the healthiest conditions runs in the family . With a soccer coach father, a marathon runner mother, and a brother who works for F. C. Barcelona it was to be expected that the youngest of the family would also opt to dedicate herself professionally to this world.

        However, Patry's success is due to his ability to adapt to the new demands of the sports world in which why go to a gym while having professional training sessions like Patry Jordán in your own home? ?

        4.It also works for other brands of recognized prestige

          Patry Jordan - L'oreal

          Since 2013 and after gaining a lot of fame with her sports routines and beauty tips, Patry Jordán became a Beauty Coach of the L'oreal Paris team in Spain, where, in addition to carrying out this job as a counselor, it also acts as the image of the brand itself.

          5. Did you know that the well-known influencer is the author of several books?

          Patry Jordan Libro

            Patry Jordán has published several books, specifically two. In 2015, she published the first one whose title, like one of her YouTube channels, is 'Girls' Secrets: My beauty ideas to shine every day'. After the great success of his beauty guide, in 2019 he launched his second book entitled 'Yo puedo con todo', this time dedicated to the world of fitness , and which offers a plan of sports routines for 21 days and a guide of guidelines for eating a healthy and balanced diet.

            Both books make us think that Patry Jordán promotes a life in which she prioritizes taking care of ourselves not only on a physical level, but also promotes comfort with the image of beauty that we want to give to the world.

            6. In 2018 he participated in a well-known television program.

            Bailando con las Estrellas- Patry Jordán

              As you have already shown, Patry Jordán is quite a multitasking person, and there is no challenge that can resist him. In 2018, this influencer made a leap to the small screen to participate in the well-known RTVE program, 'Dancing with the stars'. As she herself admitted through her blog, making this program was a challenge both personally and professionally. The first, due to all the injuries, especially a sprain, that she suffered and that she never thought she would experience, and the second, due to the difficulty of combining both her career and her daily routine with the rehearsals and recordings of the program.

              7. Did you know that Patry Jordán once walked a model catwalk?

                There is no doubt that 2018 was a year full of challenges for Patry Jordán, and it is that in addition to competing in 'Dancing with the stars', she also participated for the first time in a model catwalk. The designer Ze García wanted the final touch of his catwalk to be the parade of his bridal creations, and for this, he asked different influencers to parade with their dresses. Among those influencers were Patry Jordán, María Pombo and Dulceida.

                8. He has trained well-known elite Spanish athletes

                Patry Jordan y Lydia Valentin

                  If one thing should be highlighted about Patry Jordán , it is that she has become the personal trainer of thousands of people. Despite the fact that she already had a fairly high number of subscribers on her training channel, the truth is that with the confinement this number experienced a notable increase. During 2020 and with the obligation to stay at home, there were many who looked for their own personal trainer in this figure. However, before this, Jordán had already worked as personal trainer of some well-known elite sports figures such as former synchronized swimmer Gemma Mengual,canoeist Saúl Craviotto, the skater Javier Fernández or the weightlifting competitor, Lydia Valentín among others.

                  9.I didn't believe in the impact of YouTube when it started

                  Patry Jordán Inicios

                    In an interview Patry she confessed that at first she was somewhat skeptical of the impact that her YouTube channel was going to have. He was even somewhat afraid because he did not know the type of use that the users were going to give to the channel. However, today she is completely grateful. She admits that she is happy with the results, knowing that there are so many people interested in well-being and good nutrition is gratifying for her and inspires her to always have more content.

                    For Patry, the way in which this type of routine has become fashionable is great and every day it arouses more interest among users of social networks. According to the Ministry of Culture and Sports, the number of people who play sports in Spain has increased since 2015, in addition to the fact that one in ten has abandoned face-to-face gyms and to follow virtual trainers like her.

                    10. Use his own sports videos for inspiration

                    The trainer, she has admitted in an interview that many times when she wants to exercise she uses her own videos that she has already published on her channel 'Gym Virtual' as a training guide.

                    Patry Jordán is undoubtedly known for being a prescriber of beauty, fitness and healthy living, but in addition to these facets, she can be attributed that of becoming a businesswoman, thanks to her passion for sports and the world of the beauty of the one who has known how to get the best and take it to the next level. Loved and followed by many, Jordan is a reference for all those who want to make their body a healthier temple.