10 cosas sobre Dulceida que quizá desconocías


10 things about Dulceida that you probably didn't know

Aida Doménech, or Dulceida, as she is popularly known, can boast of being one of the first bloggers who were born in Spain when YouTube, but above all Instagram was beginning to be used as a means of advertising and work. It is very likely that we all know who Dulceida is, but if you want to find out some curious facts, keep reading because here we leave you 10 things about Dulceida that you should know.

1. How was the transition from blogger to businesswoman and fashion guru?

    This influencer began her career in 2009 when she decided, as a hobby, to open a fashion blog called 'Dulceida', the artistic name with which that from that moment she would identify herself. However, as the days went by, her publications began to acquire greater relevance and thanks to the number of subscribers on YouTube, and later followers on Instagram, Dulceida gained much more fame until she set up her own empire. The protagonist of many highly prestigious advertising campaigns, her own clothing brand, as well as participation in different events have been some of the many projects in which the influencer has been involved throughout her career.

    Dulceida Blog de Moda Inicios 2015

    2. Did you know that his wedding to the also influencer Alba Paul is one of the most viewed videos on YouTube?

    After publicly confessing his bisexuality through a YouTube video, the networks witnessed the engagement and marriage of Dulceida and Alba Paul Ferrer, who after a year of dating said 'yes, I do' on a beach in Sitges , Catalonia, surrounded by their loved ones.

    One of the strengths of the influencer is her naturalness, such is the case that in several interviews Dulceida y has declared that marrying a woman has been the best marketing campaign she has been able to do. Unfortunately for their fans, the couple announced that they were separating in the summer of 2021 and Alba Paul has moved to Madrid, leaving the apartment he shared in Barcelona with Dulceida.

    Alba Paul y Dulceida Boda

    3. Has Dulceida participated in television programs?

    In 2016 and after several years giving much to talk about, Dulceida jumped to television to participate in the fashion program 'Quiero Ser'. In this televised program on the Divinity channel and presented by Sara Carbonero, Dulceida, along with fellow fashion influencers Madame de Rosa and Cristo Báñez, was in charge of guiding and advising six aspirants to become influencers of fashion.In this program a great friendship arose between her and Madame de Rosa, influencer and former nurse who has become her best friend to this day.

    In addition, the businesswoman also made a cameo in the well-known series 'Paquita Salas'.

    Dulceida "Quiero Ser"

    4.Is @Alexdomenec related to Dulceida?

    Fashion is in their blood and this is demonstrated by Dulceida and her brother, Alex Doménech who, thanks to the popularity that Aida obtained, managed to integrate into the fashion empire through her daily publications on social networks and blogs Fashion.

    The truth is that from the beginning she has had no problem showing her private life since it makes her happy to share her moments on social networks and her followers are interested in the daily life of the influencer .

    Alex Domenech y Dulceida

    5. Like many other influencers, Dulceida has also written a book.

      In 2018, Dulceida wrote and published her own book titled ‘Dulceida. Style guide'. This book is very visual, full of photographs and in which the blogger teaches and talks about her different looks and outfits. It also tells how the evolution she experienced throughout her first years of her career was and shows the team behind her and that has helped her achieve her professional goals and become the brand that so many companies are pursuing today.

      6.What is Dulceida's favorite place to spend your vacation?

      Menorca Dulceida Vacaciones

        There have been many times that Aida Doménech has confessed that her favorite destination to spend her holidays is the Balearic island of Menorca. According to her, this magical island is the perfect place to disconnect and escape from her routine, and it is not surprising that the influencer travels to this destination with her partner and friends almost every year because Who doesn't want to enjoy the crystalline water coves of this charming little island?

        On several occasions, Dulceida has highlighted her passion for travel and how lucky she is that part of her work is based on seeing the world.

        7. What magazines have you been on the cover of?

          Since she became one of the most followed instagramers on the national scene, Dulceida has been on the cover of some of the most important fashion magazines in Spain. One of the most prominent was the issue of the Cosmopolitan magazine to commemorate Pride Day, since she has always stood out for being a strong defender of the LGTBIQ+ collective.

          Dulceida Cosmopolitan

          8. Her group of friends is as famous as herself

            Due to the number of years she has been in this world, Dulceida has managed to garner a very enviable group of friends, and that is that among her friends are such well-known faces as María Pombo, Laura Escanes, 'Los Javis' or Luc Lauren among others. In fact, many will always remember the 30th birthday of the instagramer, who to celebrate invited all her friends to a weekend in Ibiza under the slogan 'Dulce30'. This weekend, in addition to the characters that we have already mentioned, others also attended, such as the actress Ana Fernández or Teresa Andrés Gonzalvo. The funniest thing is that to celebrate the party, all attendees had to dress up as Disney characters.

            9.He has a company with his mother.


              Without a doubt, one of Aida Doménech's greatest pillars is her mother, Anna Pascual, who, in addition to supporting her in all her projects and advising her on finances, has also joined and contributed to her daughter reach new goals. Mother and daughter are associated and between the two they run the company 'Inmanagement' specialized in representing influencers of the likes of Daniel Illescas or Laura Matamoros herself.

              10. She was the first influencer to hold an event dedicated to fashion

                In 2017, Dulceida organized for the first time the 'Dulceweekend', a fashion event that it organized together with other prestigious brands. From that moment on, the Blogger continued to organize this meeting, but also added the characteristic of also being a music party, turning this celebration into a macro event attended by thousands of people to enjoy not only the presence of Dulceida and from her friends, but also from the activities, the environment, and why not? the various food stalls installed throughout the enclosure.


                Many consider Dulceida a pioneer in her field. She was at the perfect time in the perfect place when Instagram started to explode and through her style and travel photos she has managed to attract thousands of followers. So much so that a few days ago she uploaded a reel celebrating that she had reached 3 million precious, as she calls her virtual family.

                If there is one thing we must highlight about this character so loved by his audience, it is the ability he has had to seize the moment until he became one of the most influential faces on social networks, demonstrating his ability to reinvent himself and become the face of a generation