Timothée Chalamet


10 Things About Timothée Chalamet You Should Know

The actor, who has rubbed shoulders with major Hollywood stars since his debut in Call me by your name by Italian filmmaker Luca Guadagnina, has been present at major events where his charisma and aesthetics They have always shone on stage. In addition to acting and film, Timothée is a lover of fashion and anthropology, aspects that we will learn more about below. Therefore, if you want to know more about the professional and personal life of one of the most famous actors.

1. Where did Timothée Chalamet grow up?

    The actor was born in the Hell's Kitchen neighborhood, located in Manhattan, New York. Her mother, Nicole Flender, is of Russian and Austrian ancestry, but Thimotée has never lived in either of these countries. When he was little, and since his paternal family is of French origin, he spent much of his childhood and adolescence between his hometown and the small town of Chambon-Sur-Lignon, located two hours from Lyon . On several occasions, the actor has confessed to having suffered personality changes from growing up between two very different cultures. In fact, in an interview he gave in 2017 for the French newspaper Le Presse, he stated that he even dreamed in French.

    2. Did you know that when I was little I dreamed of being a great professional soccer player?

    Equipo de futbol Timothée Chalamet

      Before the actor discovered that acting and cinema would come into his life to revolutionize it, Timothée played soccer during his childhood in the school team, and even became a coach for children between the ages of 6 and 13 during their summers in France. On several occasions, the actor has stated that soccer has always been part of his life and he is very fond of this sport.

      3. Did Jennifer Aniston, Al Pacino and Timothée go to the same school?

        After a bad educational experience at Booker T. Washington due to the lack of a creative space within the academic field, Timothée Chalamat was admitted to study high school in one of the best art schools in the world: the Fiorello H. The guard; a place where he confesses having learned from great masters and having had the freedom he needed to develop his artistic skills.

        After graduating she had the opportunity to star in productions such as Cabaret and Sweet Charity . In this prestigious school located on the Upper East Side of New York, great stars such as Jennifer Anniston, and the actor and film director Al Pacino have also studied.

        4. What studies did Timothée Chalamet study at Columbia University?

          The actor, in addition to fighting for his dreams within the film industry, has also always shown that culture is very important to him. From art to fashion, Timothée is a fan of creativity. For this reason, and after graduating from the Fiorello H. LaGuardia, the actor decided to start his career at Columbia University, and he did it to study cultural anthropology, studies that he finally abandoned because he could not combine them with his work in the cinema.

          5. Did you know that the actor has confessed to regretting having worked with Woody Allen?

          Un dia de lluvia en Nueva York

            After several statements by her adoptive daughter Dylan Farrow came to light in which she claimed to have suffered abuse during her childhood and adolescence at the hands of the director, many Hollywood stars were reluctant to work with Woody Allen . Timothée Chalamet was one of them. The actor worked for him as part of the cast of actors and actresses in the film Rainy Day in New York and shortly after this information came to light, the American actor publicly declared regret having shared the scene with the director because of the fateful events that surrounded him.

            As for the awards won by this young actor so far, he has already been nominated for the Oscars, Golden Globe, Sab or Spirit Awards. Although if there is one thing worth noting about his achievements, it is his Oscar nomination at just 22 years old for Best Actor for Call Me By Your Name.

            6. Why are your outfits at events and premieres so popular in the media?

            Timothée Chalamet Outfits

              The American actor who has already accumulated numerous successes has shown throughout his career to be an inveterate lover of fashion. His groundbreaking and striking outfits have made us wonder: Who is behind his sequined jackets and strident prints? Well, nobody. Although it seems strange that an actor of such caliber does not have a stylist, that's the way it is. The actor himself is the one who selects his most striking outfits for events, red carpets and shows in which, without a doubt, his peculiar combinations give a lot to talk about.

              His outfits don't stop surprising us at every event, from the presentation of the interstellar movie in a simple black suit with a military green tie, to his appearance at the MET Gala. In the latter, he combined a casual style represented by the classic white converse boots in contrast to a white jacket. This style caused some controversy because the pants were sweatpants, however, other critics speak of the ideal look that represents an entire generation.

              7. Did you know that Timothée Chalamet has always been a huge fan of Lebron James?

              Timothée Chalamet y Lebron James

                The actor, who in addition to football has been a great lover of basketball, bought a season ticket with his first salary from a Disney ad to see his favorite player, Lebron James, at the New York Knicks, a team for which the player did not finally sign that year. In this way, the actor confessed that he resold his subscription for this reason.

                8. How was the actor's immersion in the theater?

                  In addition to cinema, the actor has made his debut in theater, in the city of London. Not everyone is lucky enough to work for people they admire, and the American actor was lucky enough to work with Amy Herzog. He himself stated in several interviews prior to the premiere that Amy is one of his favorite writers for the simplicity and precision with which she tells her stories. The character he plays in this play is a 21-year-old who embarks on a journey across the United States with his best friend. At the end of it, he meets his 91-year-old grandmother, with whom he will share a touching and peculiar coexistence.

                  Timothée Chalamet Teatro

                  9. Did you know that the protagonist of The Fault in Our Stars is one of his best friends?

                    The protagonist of this famous film, Ansel Elgort, shared studies with Timothée Chalamet at the Fiorello H. LaGuardia, and it was there that their compatibilities made them become great friends. In addition, in several interviews with an ironic tone, the actor from Call Me By Your Name has confessed that Ansel stole all the roles from him when they studied together, something that subsequently has not had much relevance in their film careers. Since they met, we have been able to see them together at numerous events, including NBA games, a hobby they both share.

                    Timothee y Ansel

                    10. Do you know the actor's fondness for music?

                      Timothée, who has confessed on several occasions to be a big fan of artists such as the hip-hop singer Kid Cudi, whom he has supported many times through his social networks, or Cardi B, has been lucky to be interviewed by another great of the music industry: Frank Ocean.

                      Timothee Chalamet Face

                      The next projects on the horizon that Timotheé will star in are the Willy Wonka movie and Bones And All much anticipated by his fans as it means the reunion with Luca Guadagnino the other protagonist of Call Me By Your Namee. Another of this year's most ambitious goals is the film Don't Look Up, a Netflix production that features a cast of the caliber of Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence.

                      Now that you know a little more about the life of the successful actor Timothée Chalamet, surely you are looking forward to enjoying his films and major productions again to appreciate his talent knowing his background . In addition to being an impeccable actor, his aesthetics make him one of the most original and creative characters in Hollywood. There is no doubt that he is highly deserving of all the awards and achievements he holds.