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10 things you didn't know about Elsa Pataky

When thinking of Elsa Pataky, perhaps the word well-being, health and balance comes to mind, because this Spanish actress stands out for many things: her style and lifestyle based on tranquility of the antipodes, make her an example to imitate.

Leader of fitness, exercise with awareness and good nutrition, Elsa Pataky never stops demonstrating that quality of life comes from within. For this reason, we believe that you may be interested in knowing a little more about the subject, so keep reading and find out the 10 things you should know about Elsa Pataky, one of the most renowned Spanish actresses.

1. Is 'Pataky' your real last name?

    Elsa Pataky is the artistic name that the actress acquired, since her name is really hers Elsa Lafuente Medianu , second last name that comes from her mother whose origin is Romanian. Pataky, on the other hand, is the surname of his maternal grandmother, and which he adopted to honor her and not be forgotten.

    2. He has published a book called 'Strong'

    Elsa Pataky libro Strong

    The actress is a fan of healthy living, a habit perhaps adopted from her grandmother, who always told her that following a healthy and balanced routine would guarantee a longer, happier and more free old age of diseases. For this reason, Pataky wanted to capture all his knowledge in his book entitled 'Strong' (strong in Spanish), published in 2019 and whose subtitle already gives some clues as to what can be found inside the guide: 'How to eat , move and live with strength and vitality' Quite a declaration of intent'

    3. Yoga, Pilates and meditation are the three elements on which the actress relies

    Elsa Pataky Yoga

    Since she was very young -around 18 years old- Elsa Pataky has practiced different sports and has implemented some formulas to achieve that healthy life that she longs for, however, meditation, yoga and pilates have been her three practices continuous activities that he has never stopped doing and on which he has adapted his daily routine.

    4. What Spanish tradition do you maintain?

    Elsa Pataky - Aceite de Oliva

    Despite being based in Australia, the Spanish actress still keeps her roots in mind, and by this we mean that she does not change her traditional breakfast for anything in the world: Two toasts with extra olive oil virgin. According to her, olive oil is everything for the well-being of her and her family.His favorite? the Arbequina.

    5. In case you didn't know, Elsa and her family don't want to be in the media spotlight

    Being a Hollywood superstar, after giving birth to her twins, Sasha and Tristán, Elsa decided to get away from the media spotlight, and for that she settled in Byron Bay, Australia.On the other hand, this country has brought many good things to it and has brought out a lesser-known side of it: its activism to care for, maintain, and protect the oceans.

    6. Did you know that Elsa Pataky's birthday is the same day as another well-known actor's?

    Elsa Pataky Vin Diesel

    Born on July 18, Elsa Pataky shares a birthday with the well-known actor and producer Vin Diesel with whom she has worked on some of the films in the Fast & Furious. In an interview with the film's protagonist, he assured that one of the reasons for giving Pataky the role was because they share a birthday. Joke or not, we believe it!

    7. The actress owns a castle in the United States

    Elsa Pataky y Adrian Brody Castillo

    Long before Elsa Pataky and Chris Hemsworth got married, the actress dated other people. Among them, the best known is undoubtedly Adrien Brody with whom he had a courtship that began in 2006 and lasted three years. During this relationship, the couple traveled from Spain to the United States continuously in order to fulfill their professional obligations. One of the most surprising facts about this relationship? The actor, star of 'El Pianista', gave the Spanish woman an incredible gift: a castle in New York.

    8. Early riser and positive are some of the qualities that define Pataky

    When Elsa Pataky is asked about the advice she gives to lead a healthy routine, she usually resorts to numerous precepts, among which she always highlights the need to wake up early to achieve disciplined and continuous habits, sleep 7 or 8 hours to get the body to rest and recover, as well as to think positively throughout the day to be able to visualize one's goals and achieve them.

    9. What was this actress's first television appearance?

    Elsa Pataky - Los Serrano

    Although she may have been forgotten by many, this well-established public figure made her television debut in the series 'Al salir de clase'. Elsa Pataky became known as 'Raquel' in this famous series in the 90's, to later move on to 'Los Serrano' series in which she played a teacher from institute.

    10. Did you know that Elsa Pataky studied for a degree and is also a polyglot?

    Despite the fact that Elsa Pataky had been curious about acting since she was very young, when she grew up she decided to opt for studying a career at the university, specifically journalism . He attended classes at the CEU San Pablo University in Madrid for some time, but finally left to dedicate himself fully to his true passion: acting.

    In addition, Pataky also speaks 5 languages, Spanish, Romanian, thanks to his mother's teachings, English, and he is also fluent in French and Italian.

    Elsa Pataky

    Elsa Pataky is undoubtedly known for her beauty, her marriage and her facet as an actress. But it makes it clear that it also has many more interesting faces concerned with other less banal and superfluous issues that affect the general population. A healthy lifestyle guru, an athlete, a dedicated mother and an activist icon are some of the other qualities that can be attributed without any hesitation to this Spaniard who found love in Los Angeles and the good life in Australia.