10 cosas que no sabías sobre Lea Michele


Lea Michele's most difficult moment and 10 things you don't know about her

If you like movies, music and theater, without a doubt this is your post. Lea Michele is an American actress, singer and writer who from a very young age participated in major Broadway productions such as Les Miserables or Fiddler on the Roof and also exploited her talented voice by throwing to the music production company Columbia Records to debut with his first album, Louder (2014), which managed to take him to number 4 on the Billboard 200.

Lea Michele has starred in one of the highest-grossing television series in the world: Glee (2009-2015), in which her role as Rachel Berry, in addition to launching her to fame, also gave her the chance to win awards including a Satellite for Best Actress in a Comedy Series, multiple Screen Actors Guild Awards for Best Cast in a Comedy Series and three People's Choice Awards for Favorite Actress in a Comedy and television in three consecutive years, among others.

Without a doubt, Lea Michele deserves the recognition and fame that she has for her undoubted talent, however, different events in her life have made her see how a somewhat controversial actress. You know why? Keep reading.

1. How were the beginnings of Lea Michele in show business?

Lea Michele

    Lea Michele was born on August 26, 1986 in the Bronx, New York, but at the age of 4 her family decided to move to Tenafly, New Jersey, to continue her life and work. Before moving, Lea attended Rockland Country School in New York.

    Quickly, the actress found herself immersed in show business when in 1995 she entered Broadway to play roles in productions such as Les Miserables, Ragtime y Spring Awakening, where in addition to demonstrating her acting skills, she liked music. It was precisely at this moment that Lea Michele's family rented an apartment in Manhattan so that the young actress could more easily travel to rehearsals and performances on Broadway.

    2. Why did you turn down your place to study at an art school?

      When her parents moved to New Jersey, the actress began her studies at Tenafly High School, but after finishing her primary education and after seeing herself immersed in Broadway and having seen her talent as an actress and singer, Lea Michele decided to apply for the Tisch School of the Arts at New York University, where she was eventually accepted but turned down her place to continue acting on Broadway and bet on her acting career.

      It was at this moment that Lea went to the casting for Glee with the song On My Own (Les Miserables), and thanks to a musical error on the part of the pianist, who had to repeat the song at Lea's request, it was possible that the directors of the production saw in her feisty personality the next Rachel Berry.

      Lea Michele Glee

      3. Did you know that Lea Michele was bullied at school because of her last name?

        Lea Michele Sarfati, known to everyone as Lea Michele, had to drop her middle name from her stage name because of the meanness of her high school classmates, who laughed at her for the pronunciation of “Sarfati”, surname of Sephardic-Spanish Jewish descent. They called her “Lea So-Fatty”, which in Spanish means: “Lea muy chubby”. It was in 2019 that she confessed on Jay Leno's The Tonight Show program that she had suffered a lot as a child because of this conflict.

        4. What was your first job?

          Before success came to her life, Lea Michele had to combine her studies with work to save some money and be able to pay for her whims. For this reason, he worked as a cleaning assistant for a clothing store and as an assistant for a veterinarian where he cared for all kinds of animals.

          Lea Michele

          5. When did Lea Michele make her film debut?

            Having explored the Broadway stage for major productions, Lea Michele made her first foray into film in 2011 with the romantic comedy New Year's Eve , directed by Garry Marshall.

            The actress from Glee shared the scene with great actresses and actors such as Jon Bon Jovi, Robert De Niro, Ashton Kutcher, Sara Jessica Parker, Zac Efron and Sofía Vergara, among others. After having gained a lot of popularity by playing a role in this film, the actress returned to fully enter the world of Glee until the year of its completion; 2015. In between, he starred in the movie Glee The Movie Concert 3D (2011).

            6. What has been the most difficult moment of your life?

            Lea Michele Cory Monteith

              Lea Michele met Cory Monteith, who played Finn Hudson on Glee, in 2008, when the two began their adventure on the series and quickly began their romance. It was in 2013 when Cory's death suddenly came to the lives of all his fans, and of course, to the life of his fiancée Lea Michele.

              Cory was admitted to a drug rehabilitation center shortly before his death from an overdose of heroin and alcohol. Lea Michele, who did not speak after several weeks of his death, has recognized years later in various interviews for the US media that this was the most terrifying and painful episode of his life.

              7. What sport did Lea Michele play?

                In addition to her passion for film and music, the Glee actress began playing volleyball at Tenafly High School, where in addition to participating in the debate team and choir, she also he took a liking to the sport of ball in his teenage years. Once her career on Broadway began, she put this hobbie aside to dedicate herself one hundred percent to her life as an actress.

                8. How much did Lea Michele earn for each episode of Glee?

                Lea Michele Maya Rivera Glee

                  Due to the incredible media success of the television series Glee, its actors received a high salary commensurate with the profits obtained from the production. In fact, Lea Michele was considered in 2012 one of the highest paid television actresses in the United States, earning more than 70.000 dollars for each aired episode of the series.

                  9. Did you know that he experienced racist episodes before entering television?

                    Some television directors and producers, although they appreciated Lea's work on Broadway, did not hesitate to affirm that the actress would not be successful on television due to her very marked ethnic features, a racist accusation that clearly showed ignorance and ignorance towards the achievements that were yet to come in the life of Lea Michele.

                    10. Did you know that she was accused of bullying some of the members of Glee?

                    Lea Michele y Heather Morris

                      The actress Heather Morris, who had shared the scene with Lea years ago in Glee , confessed in an interview for Danny Pellegrino's podcast that she had suffered abusive and unpleasant behavior from Lea Michele. Heather admitted that she felt very uncomfortable on set while Lea Michele despised her as an actress and as a person, but she also stated that she did not feel empowered enough to speak at the time of the events. After these harsh accusations, Lea Michelle publicly intoned the mea culpa on Instagram, alluding to the immaturity and insensitivity that characterized the actress a few years ago. Therefore, he took any damage caused to the cast of Glee, including Heather Morris.

                      Despite the difficulties and harsh tragedies that Lea Michele has had to face throughout her life, her talent and perseverance have always shone above all else. The actress and singer has shown that her performance and talented voice are largely responsible for her success on the big screen. Her closeness and humility have made her character, Rachel Berry, one of the most beloved on television.