10 cosas sobre Maria Pombo que deberías saber


10 things about Maria Pombo you should know

The influencer of the influencers, that is undoubtedly María Pombo. Entrepreneur, with a cheerful personality and the protagonist of many advertising campaigns, this woman from Madrid has built her own empire thanks to all those who follow her and admire her lifestyle. Although it is likely that everything unthinkable is already known about this public figure, here we want to review the 10 things you should know about María Pombo if you still do not know her.

1. Who is Maria Pombo?

Maria Pombo

    María Pombo is a Spanish influencer who gained popularity as a result of her relationship with the soccer player Álvaro Morata, but who would later win over her audience and followers thanks to her YouTube channel that she opened in 2014 and in which she shares the most important moments of her life with her loved ones, her trips and projects, as well as her new sentimental relationship.

    After her success on YouTube and due to the evolution of social networks, María decided to leave this platform and promote her content through Instagram, which became her new tool through which she exposes her life, her family and his personal achievements.

    2. What did María Pombo study?

      After spending a season in the United States and Canada to do an educational exchange, María returned to Spain and opted for a career in Tourism and Protocol, however, after realizing that she did not like it, she decided to leave it and focus on full in his work on social networks, mainly Instagram. However, on several occasions, the influencer has admitted that she should have studied teaching as a teacher, since she really adores children, but at that time she thought that other careers would have more outlets.

      3. What is María Pombo's favorite vacation destination?

      As she has been doing throughout her life and with her family, María Pombo travels to Cantabria every summer and enjoys with all her loved ones a stay that usually lasts a few weeks. The influencer assures that it will always be the place she wants to go to rest and get away from the city. In addition, she keeps many memories of this place, among which the proposal made by her current husband, Pablo Castellano, stands out.

      4. Who is this influencer married to?

      Maria Pombo y Pablo Castellano

      After her break with the soccer player Álvaro Morata, María Pombo met the businessman Pablo Castellano with whom she married in 2019 and they established a home.

      So much so, that they have had their first child, Martín, who has been welcomed by the followers of María and Pablo with great affection. At just 27 years old, the influencer has already managed to have her own home and family, in addition to continuing to be the visible face of millions of brands that contact her daily to promote their projects. One pass!

      Without a doubt, María Pombo is a very familiar person and she loves to show her family on social networks. So much so that she and her two sisters are known as the "Pombashian". María is the youngest and along with the middle one, Marta, they abandoned their careers to dedicate themselves to the influencer world. On the other hand, the eldest of the sisters, Lucía, is a pilot like her grandfather. She has less presence in networks, although her partner is Álvaro López, another well-known influencer.

      5. What have been the most important moments in the life of María Pombo?

      As she herself has once recounted, 2020 was a very complicated year, not only because of the world situation, but also because of the personal one, and that is that she found out two very important news at the same time: the first , who was pregnant with her first child, Martín, who was born in January of that same year, and the second, who suffered from Multiple Sclerosis.

      6. What awards has María Pombo received?

      Some of the awards that María Pombo has received refer to her professional career, such as the 'Communication of the Year Award' from Elle, but others also refer to her charitable work, such as the V Multiple Sclerosis Solidarity Awards, organized by the Merck Health Foundation, for its way of normalizing and giving visibility to multiple sclerosis, a disease that she herself suffers from. In addition, she has been on the cover of Forbes magazine, which included her in its list of 'The 100 best influencers'.

      7. When did María Pombo appear on television?

      El Hormiguero - Maria Pombo

      In 2020 María Pombo attended 'El Hormiguero' as a guest, undoubtedly being a very outstanding moment, since she was the first influencer to be interviewed on this television program. Maria herself admitted that she couldn't believe it, as she had always been a huge fan of the show. In this interview, Pombo recounted many things that were already known, such as his reaction upon learning of his illness.

      8. What is María Pombo's favorite restaurant?

      As she usually shows through her social networks, María Pombo loves trying new restaurants and going out to eat with her family and friends, however, if she has to choose a place, it will always be her father's: 'Way'. This restaurant located in La Castellana in Madrid specializes in Mediterranean food and has dishes such as False risotto or Rabo de toro, the favorites of the influencer.

      Before opening this restaurant, María's father worked in advertising just like his mother and they received an important award as a result of the campaign launched against Multiple Sclerosis. María's father affirms that thanks to his daughter's large audience on social networks, the restaurant has become one of the top restaurants in Madrid.

      9. What are the companies of María Pombo?

      Name the brand y Bobbi Brown

      In her most business facet, the well-known Instagrammer has been able to create various projects and companies that form some of the most important elements of her entire career. Together with her older sister and some friends, María Pombo created TipiTent, a casual clothing brand dedicated to a youth audience, and on the other hand, she also owns Name the Brand, a brand of clothes, but this time of more exclusive garments for special occasions. In addition, it also maintains different collaborations with other brands to which it gives its image.

      10. Does María Pombo have famous relatives?

      Although it is perhaps one of the least known facts about the businesswoman, it is perhaps one of the most interesting, and it is that she has from where she inherited the skills of a good communicator. Great-great-granddaughter of Concha Espina, winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1927, great-granddaughter of the writer Víctor de la Serna Espina and great-niece of Jesús de la Serna Gutiérrez-Répide, former deputy editor of El País and president of the Madrid Press Association, María Pombo is undoubtedly more than well surrounded.

      The truth is that although she is known through social networks and her personal life, María Pombo has managed to make a name for herself and move away from gossip to focus on her professional career, which is full of successes and through which he shows that he is not afraid of anything. Television shows, clothes, jewelry and a host of other topics are some of the things that the young influencer dominates and is undoubtedly proud of. Now, we just have to wait and see what new project is launched.