Pau Gasol


10 things you should know about Pau Gasol

If we think of an internationally recognized benchmark for Spanish sport, that could be Pau Gasol. Basketball player has known how to leave everyone with their mouths open. His friendships, triumphs and charitable works make this athlete one of the most complete players that Spain has been able to boast of. Keep reading if you want to find out about the 10 things you should know about Pau Gasol. We are sure that more than one will surprise you!

1. He had a very close friendship with Kobe Bryant

    Both players met in 2008 sharing the pitch at The Lakers after the Spaniard left the Memphis Grizzlies after six and a half years playing for the team. In addition to being his captain, Kobe became an example to admire and Pau a support for the veteran, to such an extent that a friendship was forged not only based on the sport that united them, but also on the cultural tastes they had. and even in the Spanish in which both communicated.

    Pau Gasol y Kobe Bryant Lakers

    2. Did you know that Pau Gasol actually wanted to study medicine?

      Before becoming the basketball superstar he is today, Pau Gasol wanted to go into the world of medicine. From a father who was a nurse and from an internist to a mother, Pau Gasol's path was marked by the health sciences. However, when he realized that it was impossible to combine both, he opted for basketball.

      3. Pau Gasol also has… a facet as an actor!

      Pau Gasol CSI Miami

        Although he certainly hasn't stood out as a player on the pitch, Pau Gasol has made a few cameos in two television series. The most recognized was the one he did in the international series 'CSI: Miami' in which he had a very unflattering character. In addition, he also participated in the US-produced telenovela 'Eva Luna' in which he played himself, as the protagonist's favorite basketball player.

        4. There is a song dedicated to the athlete

          As we already know, Gasol and his career in the sport of the basket have aroused admiration wherever he goes and because of this, he can boast of having a song in honor of him. In 2011, the rapper Nach wrote the song 'Tribute to Pau Gasol' to honor the player and his entire professional career.

          5. Over a thousand games in the NBA

          NBA Pau Gasol

            The year 2015 marked a very important stage in the life of the player, and that is that Pau Gasol turned one thousand games playing in the NBA. In addition, he managed to be the top scorer of Hispanic origin in the history of the American League, after surpassing the 17,623 points that Rolando Blackman had achieved.

            6. He has a brother who also followed in his footsteps

            Pau Gasol y Marc Gasol

              Although there are three Gasol brothers, only two of them have been able to debut in the NBA. After Pau Gasol made the leap to the NBA in 2001 and signed for the 'Memphis Grizzlies', he had to wait until 2008 to see his brother Marc Gasol in his same position, and that is that year, the eldest of the brothers would sign for 'Los Angeles Lakers', giving way to his younger brother to be part of the 'Grizzlies' squad, a stage that would last until 2018 when he was transferred to 'Toronto Raptors' .

              The third and least known of the Gasol brothers is Adrià Gasol who, after trying (unsuccessfully) to join the 'Bruins' basketball team, returned to Spain to compete in the Catalan First Division of basketball.

              7. Did you know that Pau and Marc Gasol starred in one of the most iconic moments in basketball?

                Also in 2015, basketball lived one of those moments that remain to be remembered. In the ‘All Star Game’ competition that year, both brothers were starters for their teams, so at the beginning of the game they had to jump and face each other to get hold of the ball.

                Marc y Pau Gasol

                8. He was chosen Rookie of the Year

                  In the 2001 season and playing power forward for the 'Memphis Grizzlies', Pau Gasol made history, for being up to now the first European player to be chosen as NBA Rookie of the Year, an award that is given to the most outstanding player in his first season in this basketball league.

                  9. What was Pau Gasol's curious tribute to Kobe Bryant?

                    After the tragic death of Kobe Bryant, Pau decides to name his eldest daughter Elizabeth Gianna. 'Gianna' was the name of Kobe's daughter, who also died in a fatal accident in Calabasas, California.As Pau stated, it was the best way to honor the memory of both Kobe and Gianna, who at her young age was a legitimate heir to her father's talent.

                    Kobe Bryant y  Pau Gasol Hija

                    10. He is concerned about social causes

                      Fighting AIDS is one of the reasons why the basketball legend wanted to go into medicine at one point. However, and despite not continuing with the race, Pau Gasol has continued to support the fight against this disease from another perspective. Whether as an ambassador for the Spanish UNICEF Committee to fight AIDS or as a financial aid donor, the basketball star has always dedicated efforts to help alleviate this terrible disease.

                      Pau Gasol will always be a legend not only in Spain, but internationally. The empathy and humanity that he has shown for different social causes makes people able to separate the person from the athlete and many see in him an example not only to follow, but also to improve. Without a doubt, both he and Marc Gasol will always remain in the memory as the brothers who succeeded in America.