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10 things you would like to know about Alex Honnold: The climber who is not afraid of death.

Alexander J. Honnold is a mountain climber famous for his 'free solitaire' style of climbing. This American has achieved numerous records in this practice, he has even been the protagonist of an Oscar-winning documentary. If you want to know a little more about this interesting figure in the world of climbing, keep reading because we tell you everything you need to know about Alex Honnold.

1. When and where was Alex Honnold born?

Alex Honnold niño

    Alex Honnold was born on August 17, 1985 in Sacramento, California. He is the son of Dierdre Wolownick and Charles Honnold. His mother, Dierdre started climbing at age 58 after asking her son to teach her. And his father, Charles, suffered from Asperger's Syndrome, which is why it is speculated that he suffers as well.

    2. He started climbing from a very young age.

    Alex Honnold

    Honnold began climbing at a very young age. At just 11 years old, this climber was introduced to the sport that he would later dedicate himself to professionally. Although he was studying engineering at the University of California at Berkeley when he was 18 years old, he decided to leave this stage to focus entirely on his true passion: climbing.

    3 Did you know that as a teenager, Honnold cycled 110 km every week?

      As the climber has recounted on occasion, when he was a teenager he used to cycle from his house to the place where he practiced climbing. He had to go five days a week so the weekly tours were always quite long. In addition to giving him independence, this routine helped him gain a lot of stamina that would later be quite useful for him to achieve the records he has been achieving.

      4. Did you know that Alex Honnold won an Oscar?

      Alex Honnold Free Solo

        In 2019, Alex Honnold managed to win an Oscar thanks to ‘Free Solo’, the documentary filmed by directors Jimmy Chin and Chai Vasarhelyi. In this tape, the climber's ascent to 'El Capitan', the most famous and hard wall in the 'Yosemite' park, was filmed, but this time without a rope, that is, with nothing to hold on to. This documentary recounts the most famous climb in climbing, which Honnold was thinking and planning for 10 years.

        Although it is something that was already known, this documentary and its subsequent award made Honnold the best climber in history up to that moment.

        5. Do you know that at the time of the filming of his documentary and for much of his life, Honnold has lived in a van?

        Alex Honnold y Jimmy Chin

          For this experienced climber, freedom has always been essential. That is why, for a few seasons, including when he was filming 'Free Solo', Honnold has lived in his van which, as he himself has explained, does not spend more than $1,000 a month and has allowed him to be constantly on the move to visit other areas to climb.

          6. Do you know the training routine Honnold followed to prepare for his most famous ascent?

            To prepare to climb the El Capitan without a rope, Alex Honnold went through a tough training routine. When climbing without a rope, this climber needed a lot of finger strength to get a good hold, and for this reason he spent 90 minutes each day hanging from his van using only his hands. In addition, he also traveled to different places such as the Moroccan High Atlas to train.

            Alex Honnold

            7. What social causes is this renowned climber interested in?

              Alex Honnold, in addition to being a renowned climber, is also interested in different social and environmental causes. In 2012, Honnold created the 'Honnold Foundation' which aimed to provide access to electricity and solar energy to the most disadvantaged people around the world while reducing the environmental impact of these energies. Despite the fact that at first it was Honnold himself who subsidized this foundation, thanks to the fame he gained with his documentary, many have wanted to contribute. From well-known companies to anonymous people have joined this cause.

              8. What is the quality that Alex Honnold values ​​most?

              Alex Honnold

                Honnold has assured that patience is often the key to success. According to him, many of the records he has achieved have been thanks precisely to the patience he has had and not collapsing when the situation became more complicated. One of the best examples is when he climbed 'El Capitan' with his mother, it took them 13 hours to go up and six to go down, despite the fact that it only takes him an hour to descend. He assured that: “The most difficult thing was to be patient. Wait”, referring to the difference in pace that both had, however they made it and their mother became the oldest woman to climb this mountain.

                9. Do you think death represents a fear for Alex Honnold?

                Alex Honnold

                  Looking at the great achievements that Alex Honnold has achieved, it is not surprising that many think that he is a superhero or that he is not afraid of death at all. However, when the climber has spoken about this, he has assured that, as is normal and logical, he is afraid of death and that living is among his priorities, but that nevertheless he behaves the way he does because " I think I just accept that I will die at some point. I want to live in a certain way which requires taking greater risks.”

                  10. Do you know what nickname his closest friends refer to Alex Honnold by?

                    Alex 'No Big Deal' (Alex 'is not a big deal') is the nickname with which those closest to him address the climber. As he himself has recounted in different interviews, this nickname is due to the frequent times that Honnold downplays his achievements. However, the athlete justifies himself by assuring that there are things that have always been easy for him and that is why he does not give them the importance that others give them.

                    Alex Honnold

                    Alex Honnold has managed to become the best in the world in his field and win victories that could never have been dreamed of. 'The Captain' was undoubtedly a turning point in his life, not only for becoming better known and winning an Oscar, but also for surpassing himself and going in search of new challenges, emotions and records that will elevate him once again. to the category of brave and fighter.

                    Alex Honnold