4 lugares destinados a desaparecer por el cambio climático


4 places destined to disappear due to climate change

climate change is one of the most popular topics of conversation in these times of information, awareness and constant struggles for causes of all kinds.

But are we really taking action to stop the impact we are causing on Earth?

Talking about what "should be done" or what "is done wrong" is simple, what is complicated is applying it to oneself and assuming the challenge of wanting to improve. We are aware on paper, but we do not translate it into practice. There are places, cities and even countries that can disappear in a shorter period of time than we think; and it is in our power to avoid, or at least stop, a tragedy of which we are being warned.

Next, we will talk about four wonderful places that are “in danger of extinction”:


Los Alpes - 4 Lugares destinados a desaparecer por el cambio climático

The mountain range of The Alps has such an extension that it touches eight European countries: France, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Monaco, Slovenia, Italy, and Liechtenstein. The mountains and the imposing peaks of the Alps have always been one of the favorite destinations for sports such as hiking, skiing or snowboarding. However, the increasing rise in temperatures caused by global warming has forced a drastic reduction in the snow and winter sports seasons.

There is a serious problem in The Alps and that is that its glaciers are melting, temperatures have risen by up to three degrees in recent years, the mountains are collapsing and the mountaineering tracks are disappearing.

Data such as that, in less than 100 years, the glaciers of the mountain range will have practically disappeared, or that the Marmolada peak has already lost 80% of its volume today, they worry and create fear.

We normally think that if we start acting, the evil will eventually be reduced; the problem is that we never really start to take action. Even in the hypothetical case that global warming could be eradicated today, much of the damage caused to the ecosystem of the Alps would be irreversible, since the glaciers would continue to lose around 50% of their volume by the end of the year. year 2050.


Blanqueamiento Barrera Coral - 4 lugares destinados a desaparecer por el cambio climático

One of the paradises that the planet has given us could disappear completely by the end of the century. The Maldives, this collection of islands, many of them untouched, with crystal clear waters, atolls, white sand, brilliant sunshine, tropical storms and unique and exciting marine life is also the most vulnerable country in the world. And we have to take care of it.

80% of the islands that make up the Maldives only found one meter above sea level sea, making the country the lowest on the planet. With the rapid and drastic rise in sea level in recent years, the Maldives are completely exposed to its consequences: floods, subsidence, total disappearance.

This place, a popular destination for tourists who want to dive and enjoy their vacations, was once promoted by the country's tourism ministry under the claim “Come and see us, we are still here”.

On the other hand, how could it be otherwise, we observe that the effects of climate change have also reached northwest Australia, specifically The Great Barrier Reef.

2.300 kilometers of extension accommodate a lot, a lot of coral; Well, 90% of this is undergoing - or has experienced - a bleaching process to some degree. Coral bleaching is defined as the loss of color of the reefs due to the increase in water temperature, which has as its end, the eventual death of these.


The Italian city of canals, gondolas and gelato is not experiencing its best moment in terms of weather and temperatures. With an average of 12 million tourists a year (before COVID-19), Venice is one of the most touristic cities in Italy, but it could stop being so, forever, if it ends up sinking into the Adriatic; a fact that researchers and scientists classify as “inevitable”.

There are those who consider that the city should be left to “die” drowned, and others who fight every day to keep it afloat; but the reality is that Venice faces strong and worrying storms every year caused by the rise of the water level by almost 200 centimeters. The thaw and the increase in water temperature cause the sea level to rise by one meter, which in the Italian city will be reflected in the aggravation of the acqua alta seasons.


Alaska - 4 lugares destinados a desaparecer por el cambio climático

Alaska is a state in northwestern North America. On its northern border it meets the Arctic Ocean, to the south with the Pacific, to the east with Canada and to the west with the Sea of Bering. Known for its glaciers, its low temperatures, for being the place of origin of the Inuit people and for its northern lights, it is undergoing very significant changes.

The region is sparsely populated, with just over half a million people inhabiting it. In addition, Alaska has always been a major focus for skiers, climbers and explorers from around the world who have come to discover the wonders of this peculiar state.

On the other hand, the region is one of the last remaining vestiges of the wild populations of America. It is curious that you can still see polar bears, gray wolves, blue whales, orcas... living in freedom, in their own untouched surroundings. However, we do not know exactly how long this will continue to be the case; Its proximity to the North Pole increases, especially affected by the effect of global warming, which is increasing rapidly and continuously. The coastline is eroding, melting is accelerating, and permafrost is being destroyed. The disappearance of the frozen layers of Alaska, due to the high temperatures and the rains that are being generated in the area, is unbalancing the ecosystem.

The risk of natural disasters occurring in the region is increasing at times, changes in temperatures, rising sea levels, the destruction of the ozone layer... are generating completely irregular alterations that the Alaskan ecosystem does not can stand. There is talk of dangers of tsunamis in the state, caused by the melting of the glaciers that abound in the area.

On the other hand, despite Alaska being one of the regions with the lowest temperatures on the planet, during the year 2020 it reached 31º.


GreenPeace - 4 lugares destinados a desaparecer por el cambio climático

Advertising is a great representative of society and reality, and has a great power of influence; Some associations and companies have used this power to make the population aware of the environmental footprint that human beings are leaving, developing visually powerful campaigns:

Our house is flooding (Extinction Rebellion)

Extinction Rebellion is an organization of activists who fight to eradicate climate impact and make the population aware of its effects and the danger to which we are exposed. In a campaign for the climate, they literally sank a little house in the River Thames, to show the population what the future is like if we do nothing to change it: High sea level, and cities under water.

Adopt a Better Future (WWF)

This campaign was launched to raise awareness in society about the danger of deforestation, fires caused by humans, and the degradation of natural ecosystems and the biodiversity that inhabit them

Plastic People (Plastic Change)

This Plastic Change campaign recounts, in an original way and from an unusual perspective, how the plastic that we ourselves generate and with which we live affects us. In the spot we see human beings portrayed as if they were animals, experiencing the harsh situation that fish, turtles, sharks face every day... due to plastic waste in the sea.

Fly Responsibly (KLM)

The German airline KLM creates an awareness campaign encouraging its consumers not to fly as long as it is not strictly necessary, to contribute to the reduction of polluting emissions.

We must act as soon as possible if we want to stop the direct impact of climate change. If we want to continue traveling, visit paradisiacal places, visit cities by boat over and over again, ski and see polar bears; and fly, we must uncross our arms and get up. And don't wait for others to act. We have already started walking.