5 rutas ultra trail running Barcelona the indian face



Do you like to go running but feel that the city is too small for you? Have you tired of the asphalt? Recently in an article about the 5 best Ultra Trail routes in Madrid we gave you our word that we would soon bring you the 5 best routes from another Spanish city. So here we are back! Promised is debt. If you want to go running in the mountains one morning, you cannot miss our guide to 5 ultra trail routes in Barcelona that we have prepared for you, stay tuned!


A fairly easy route, perfect for those who are still starting out. It is a route of 8 km and a unevenness of 316 meters combined with spectacular views of the city. We recommend starting it at the metro station in the university area, continuing north and arriving at Font del Mont. From this point, follow the route to Pla dels Maduixers, where it ends. Due to its low unevenness, it is an ideal route to do with children. The views? A treat for the eyes. You will see Barcelona at your feet and there are viewpoints where it is worth stopping, sitting down and resting watching the landscape.

5 rutas ultra trail running <tc>the Indian face</tc>Barcelona


For our second recommendation we take you to the highest point of Barcelona, ​​Mount Tibidabo. It is a route of 6.1 km, where you can run surrounded by hills, observe the number of bird species, and enjoy incredible views. The route is circular and there is a positive drop of 306 meters. From the mount you can see the iconic Pico Serrado de Montserrat and the Pyrenees on the horizon. In addition, during the route you will pass by an impressive church and the Torre de Collserola, built for the Barcelona 1992 Olympic Games. Whether you are a trail running lover or you like to be in nature, this is your route, the park is home to 190 species of animals.

5 rutas ultra trail running <tc>the Indian face</tc>Barcelona


This route of 8 km and a change in altitude of 340 meters starts from l'Espai Mireia d' Esplugues, a restaurant in Esplugues de Llobregat. From there, continue to Penya del Moro, a mountain whose climb is not very long, but has a great difference in level. Is not easy, but is worth it. Once at the top, you will be amazed to see the spectacular landscape of Barcelona and its surroundings. Continue towards Turó de la Coscorella and you will end up at the Poni Club Catalunya. We recommend that you go in the afternoon, before sunset, and it is a good option for practically any level. It is a perfect plan to disconnect and relax listening only to the sounds of nature.

<tc>the Indian face</tc> 5 ultra trail running routes Barcelona


Montseny is a massif with the highest mountains in the area (not counting the Pyrenees). It is a museum of fauna and flora, with its oak, beech and fir forests, streams... Can you imagine running through some of the most spectacular mountains in Spain? We suggest a circular route that begins and ends in the Turó de l'Home car park, passing by the Rafael Quintero Viewpoint and the Camping de Les Illes. It is 9.95 km of route and a positive slope of 600 meters. The most impressive thing about this route is that you will pass through three peaks of Montseny.

5 rutas ultra trail running <tc>the Indian face</tc>Barcelona


Our fifth and last route today is a very long route: 23.52km of distance with a positive and negative elevation gain of 895 meters. It leaves Montbau and runs through the Can Borrell reservoir, goes up Sant Medir and ends at the Vallvidrera reservoir. Despite being so long, it is not a particularly difficult route, making it perfect for both beginners and ultra trail professionals.

<tc>the Indian face</tc> 5 ultra trail running routes Barcelona

So far our five routes to run through the mountains in Barcelona. What are you waiting for? We know you're going to love them. Going for a run in the middle of nature is a shot of energy, after this you will wake up with your batteries charged.

5 rutas ultra trail running <tc>the Indian face</tc>Barcelona