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Since the pandemic hit, more and more running fans are looking for any excuse to escape to the mountains and do what they like best. Running is probably the most common and practiced sport, since you don't need anything to try it, just a pair of sneakers. But what about the ultra trail? Only the bravest dare to get lost in nature, running through sometimes very demanding terrain. A few months ago we showed you the most amazing places in the world for trail running, and today we want to bring it to you in Spain.

ultra trail routes in Madrid <tc>the Indian face</tc>

But first, why are so many people jumping on the cross-country trend? Well, very easy. Open spaces allow us to disconnect from the bustle, traffic, stress, and at one point even from the mask. The connection that is created between you and the immense nature is indescribable, which is why everyone who tries it falls asleep. You no longer have to go far. We present the 5 ultra trail routes in Madrid that you cannot miss:


If you're just starting to run across the country, you'll love this. It is a circular route that starts and ends in the town of Paredes de Buitrago, in the mountains of Madrid. It is not a difficult route, although there is a positive drop of about 250 meters in which you will put your legs to the test. They are 10 km away where you will discover “an open-air museum of the Civil War”, full of fortifications and historical elements such as bunkers or machine gun nests.

ultra trail routes in Madrid <tc>the Indian face</tc>


Our second trail route recommendation begins and ends in the municipality of Bustarviejo. Somewhat more demanding than the previous one, for this route you must be in good physical shape to be able to overcome the steep slopes found along the 12.6 km. Of course, if you are going to stay with something after doing this route, it is with its views when you reach the top. There is no place like this to enjoy the best panoramic views of the Sierra Norte de Madrid, with remains of abandoned mines and a spectacular natural landscape.

ultra trail routes in Madrid <tc>the Indian face</tc>


Our third route is a feast for the eyes. If you want to run through a truly magical setting, stick with this. This route covers all kinds of landscapes, from meadows, meadows, to an old mine and an abandoned station, passing through an infinity of pine forests. It begins and ends in the municipality of Lozoyuela, and its route is more than 20 km, with the Sierra de la Cabrera as a background. Do you want a tip? Do not skimp on shoes, take waterproof and resistant ones, since you will find yourself with rivers to cross.

ultra trail routes in Madrid <tc>the Indian face</tc>


Another of our favorites to go out to practice ultra trail. La Pedriza is located in the Sierra de Guadarrama and has everything to be one of the most popular routes for those who live in Madrid. It is also circular, and begins and ends in Canto Cochino. It is a fairly affordable route, ideal for both beginners and experts in running. The route consists of 17 km, and although it may seem like a lot, the unevenness is not very difficult. The best of all? Running listening to the sound of water at all times. Half way you can make a stop and relax in its wonderful waterfall.

ultra trail routes in Madrid <tc>the Indian face</tc>


No, you are not in the middle of a dream in a Finnish landscape, you are in the heart of the Sierra de Guadarrama. Possibly the most different route from the previous ones and with a majestic landscape. Its difficulty is moderate, with ups and downs that alternate continuously and a very irregular and stony terrain. It starts in the parking lot of the port of Preserves and is 5.4 km at a positive level of 442 meters. You will discover the Cubeiro Fountain, the “Mirador de la Gitana”, and you will run surrounded by vegetation, lagoons and wild pines.

ultra trail routes in Madrid <tc>the Indian face</tc>

These are our 5 ultra trail routes in Madrid. If you are a true free spirit you will love all of them. Don't think about it anymore, pack a mini backpack, put on some sneakers, and go for a run. (Spoiler: stay tuned, we'll be revealing the best ones from another city soon)

<tc>the Indian face</tc> ultra trail routes Madrid