6 Fotógrafos aventureros que están haciendo historia con sus imágenes


6 Adventurous Photographers Who Are Making History With Their Images

There are many photographers who illustrate the spectacular images of sport and nature, but few go down in history. Here are six photographers who are also explorers, adventurers, and not afraid to risk their lives to get the perfect shot.

Keith Ladzinski

Keith Ladzinski

Born in New York, Keith is passionate about adventure, nature and extreme sports photography.

He grew up in Colorado and since he was little he practiced rock climbing and developed a lot of sensitivity and empathy towards the biodiversity that he found in natural spaces. It was then that he discovered that he could capture what he saw from the heights, from the rocks and from the affection that Colorado nature aroused in him. From that moment he began to share his images and to raise his professional level more and more.

In addition to being a photographer, Ladzinski is a film director, and since 2011 has directed and produced photography for film and television content.

Keith is a photographer at National Geographic, for both the magazine and the group's TV channel, and also directs projects with Discovery, The North Face and Nikon. He has been nominated for an Emmy Award and his photos have graced the cover of numerous issues of National Geographic magazine. He has visited remote parts of the world to bring back images that will take your breath away.

One of the greatest things there can be is finding purpose, purpose. Keith says that when he first picked up a camera, he just knew: “this is my purpose”

Ladzinski has made photography his obsession; he doesn't care what it means to follow the challenge: he has to do it. He is afraid of being outdated, of not being enough, of not improving himself. He has turned the curiosity to know and discover into his passion. The camera for Keith is a means of transportation to observe the world.

Fotografía Keith Ladzinski

Zak Noyle

Zak Noyle

Zak Noyle is a surf photographer recognized for his skill all over the world.

Born in Hawaii and raised in Honolulu, and living in the birthplace of surf It is easy to understand its relationship with the sea, the waves, the sun and the surf. He has spent his entire life surrounded by the ocean and water sports, such as water polo or swimming, which allows him to feel completely comfortable when he is immersed in the ocean. He learned to do photography in the water Sunny Beach, and it is also one of his favorite places in the world.

He likes to capture the sunrise and sunset from the water, contemplating how the light that comes out or hides, appears between the waves, each time causing a different light effect.

Zak is a “canon photographer of life”, which means that he photographs everything that involves water, nature and sports.

Her passion for photography was passed on to her father, who is a commercial photographer, capturing fashion and food photography, but Zak linked it to his love of the sea.

She began to take pictures in the sea as something idle, when he was with his friends surfing or swimming, and wanted to show the beauty of the moment, what the sea can offer. At the age of 25, he landed a spot in Surfer Magazine thanks to his ability to capture the waves in a way rarely seen before. In addition, he has worked for sports brands known throughout the world. In addition, he has done many projects with Billabong or Chanel.

Zak Noyle Fotografía

He is not afraid of the sea and he does not mind taking risks to immortalize the movement of the water when he creates a perfect shape.

Chris Burkad

Chris Burkad

Explorer, creative director and author. These are just a few of the many skills that Chris Burkad ties directly to his greatest passion and most recognized talent: photography.

he is categorized as adventure, surfing, extreme sports and outdoor photographer. Travel to the most remote places on Earth with the intention of telling stories through images that help create good relationships between humans and nature.

Chris Burkad Fotografía

His work focuses on storytelling , before his photography simply consisted of surfing, travel and waves, now he uses his camera to convey a message that goes beyond the aesthetics and colour.

Burkad uses social networks as a means of transmitting messages that reveal his vision of the world and to invite his followers to explore, travel and tell their own stories. He has created a large community of followers who share his philosophy and want to follow in his footsteps, and his critical and creative eye has given him the opportunity to generate a wide portfolio of clients, he also has a space on TED stage where he gives talks about photography , is a product designer and writer.

On the other hand, it develops projects together with Billabong and Adventure Division Line and has an art gallery on the Central Coast of California.

Aaron Chang

Aaron Chang

Chang is considered one of the best surf photographers in the world, apart from surfing, his photography focuses on capturing the ocean at its best. He was born in Arizona, in 1956. His love for photography began when he was nine years old and his father gave him a Bellows camera. His love for surfing, when he moved with his family to California. At the age of 11, Chang was already competing in swimming, surfing and spending hours in the water.

At the age of 15, she was part of the high school laboratory where his father worked as a math teacher, taking some photos and developing tasks.

In 1974 she graduated and moved to Oahu. He worked for a while as a cruise ship photographer on tourist boats and later as a postcard photographer.

Aaron Chang fotografía

Luck was on his side and in 1977, a director of Surfing Magazine saw a picture of Chang and offered him to join the team as a photographer, and he spent 25 years with the magazine. His photos appeared on the cover of 35 issues of the magazine, and in addition, his work has been featured in magazines such as Newsweek, Sports Illustrated, GQ, People, US Weekly, and Elle.

In 2009, the photographer began to perform the Fine Art photographic technique and had a great impact on society. His work was exhibited at the San Diego Museum of History. In addition, he has done photojournalism work on projects such as "Day in the Life" and has illustrated surf books. In 1985 he was named one of the top 5 sports photographers in the world by "American Photographer Magazine".

she has photographed iconic characters from history among which we highlight surfers like Kelly Slater, musicians like Chris Isaak or B.B. King, poets and Nobel laureates, and has worked for brands such as Mercedes-Benz, Nike, Levi, Yamaha, Macy, Polaris among others.

Jimmy Chin

Jimmy Chin is one of the greatest adventure photographers of all time. He combines his passion for the mountains, for climbing, for cinema and for photography to create exceptional works that led him to obtain a golden statuette for directing the documentary "Free solo" in 2019.

Jimmy Chin

Chin began photography in 1999, descending from El Capitan, in Yosemite, when, almost by chance, he took a photo of his fellow climber climbed while he was sleeping and sold it to a sportswear brand for 450 euros.

Jimmy works for National Geographic and his stunning images have graced the cover of world famous magazines such as the New York Times Magazine. In addition, he also carries out projects for brands such as Apple, The North Face or Red Bull.

In addition to being a photographer, Chin also stands out as a filmmaker. He has directed and produced, together with his wife Chai Vasarhelyi, feature films such as "Meru" or "The Wildest Dream", without forgetting, of course, "Free Solo".

Jimmy Chin is a great photographer and just a few lines are not enough to tell all that he has to offer us artistically and personally. We invite you to read our article on Jimmy Chin in which we tell you all about his documentaries and his life as a climber and adventurer.

Fotografía Jimmy Chin

Lucas Gilman

Lucas Gilman is another benchmark of contemporary photography. His love for adventure and capturing colors and shapes in motion give him the power to create a unique and special style of photography.

His photography of him has a large presence in advertising and nature and sports magazines throughout the world. Lucas covers his expeditions kayaking in Asia, in Costa Rica, surfing in Brazil, and skiing in Wyoming, Alaska, and South America. In addition, he has covered world-famous events such as the Tour de France.

Lucas Gilman

Gilman relates his passion for photography to his love for adventure and outdoor experiences, it is this, combined with his ability to capture moments with exquisite lighting and color that has helped him to be recognized worldwide. world.

He currently works for National Geographic, Nikon, Red Bull or Land Rover among others.

Looking at an image, imagining the environment that surrounds it, and feeling the atmosphere and the essence of the space where it is located is synonymous with that it is good. The photographs taken by the authors that we have seen achieve this effect on the viewer: they excite and transmit an indescribable number of sensations.

Lucas Gilman fotografía

We hope that you also have goosebumps and that if you are thinking about it; you start in photography, or in sports, or in both!