7 razones para usar Gafas de Sol en Invierno y en Verano


7 Reasons to Wear Sunglasses in Winter and Summer

You probably know the importance of wearing sunglasses in both summer and winter. Sunglasses not only serve to protect you from the sun in summer or use as a fashion accessory, they also have many uses that help you have a healthier life

Sunglasses to play sports, to drive, to wear or to work if your working day is outside. Or is it that working 8 and 10 hours a day under the sun is not harmful to our eyes?

In this post, we have an infographic 7 of the many reasons to wear sunglasses both in summer and winter:

Infografía 7 razones para usar gafas de sol tanto en verano como en invierno


Exposure to UV rays emitted by the sun are harmful to the eyes and skin. Without good protection, this can cause changes in our eyes or in some cases cancer.


Being exposed to excessive light forces us to strain our eyes, if we wear sunglasses this improves to a great extent and in a much more comfortable way.


There are tasks that require our complete visual attention, such as driving, doing so with sunglasses increases safety, improves our vision by reducing reflections and light changes.


Sunglasses are a simple shield against external factors that harm our eyes, for example: dust, pollen, pollution, wind, etc.


UV rays also affect the skin, and the skin around our eyes is the most delicate. Sunglasses are our best ally when it comes to anti-aging.


Good sun protection is the best way to prevent eyelid tumors that are more common than we think.


The use of sunglasses protects you from dry eyes, caused by the air or being exposed to bright lights during the day and that glasses are able to stop.