Conoce las ventajas de llevar gafas de sol polarizadas


Know the advantages of wearing polarized sunglasses

The Indian Face® we are clear that sunglasses are not something that simply adds a great style factor to any look we wear, but are essential and very necessary to be able to take care of our health ocular. When we talk about polarized sunglasses it is normal to think of fashion, quality, prestige, but we also think of all those little details that differentiate "any kind of glasses" from amazing glasses.

We know that you can see it by sight, because of the quality, because of the brand, because of the technology and the novelty, but. Do you really know the advantages of wearing good polarized sunglasses? For this same reason, we know that when we talk about sunglasses at many times you will have heard of polarized sunglasses, right? From The Indian Face® we want to explain to you what exactly our sunglasses are polarized and also, we explain what advantages this type of polarized sunglasses have and why You must choose them according to their characteristics. Keep reading and here we give you all the tips and details you need to know!

The polarized sunglasses they are completely normal sunglasses, to understand each other at first. What distinguishes and makes this type of sunglasses special is a sheet that is added to their lenses that filter the sun's rays and always fall in a certain direction. This is how reflections are eliminated and allows greater visibility, in addition to adding greater visual softness and comfort to your eyes when exposed to any type of lighting. You will see for yourself, the difference in quality is clearly visible, and it is that you go with the best protection, and the truth is that polarized sunglasses guarantee it.

A long time ago, this type of polarized sunglasses was simply used in very specific sectors, such as navigation or any activity that had to do with the sea, since the reflections that occur in the water due to the sunlight are very large and at many times, if they are exposed for a long time, they can become dangerous. Despite this, there is a growing awareness when it comes to protecting eyesight from the sun's rays, which has made the use of polarized sunglasses more and more common today, and our eyes will always be grateful for that. The fact of wearing a polarized lens that is a vertical filter that blocks the sunlight that reaches our eyes (whether from the snow, from the sea, or from the asphalt), is something that will avoid many prejudices with the passing of the years Take care when you are exposed to the sun!

gafas de sol polarizadas

When we say that our polarized sunglasses have high performance, we are not just saying it! They have many advantages that will we will explain below. One of the most common situations in which you can benefit from the advantages of polarized sunglasses will always be while driving your car or motorcycle. The reason for this is that it will serve as an opportunity to avoid visibility problems and make each journey much safer in this sense. Likewise, sunglasses with polarized lenses are perfect for very sunny days, because their lenses manage to reduce reflections from the road, or any reflection that occurs from the very surface of the vehicle.

In the same way, polarized sunglasses are also very useful when it comes to combating eye fatigue so typical of driving when we travel for many hours on the road, so it will help us achieve greater clarity at time to travel and contrast to ensure good driving throughout the journey. In addition, a very common type of use for sunglasses with polarized lenses is during outdoor sports, whether in the city, in the mountains, on the beach... A clear example is people who ski or snowboarding, since they usually use polarized sunglasses because the reflections from the snow are often very intense and can damage our eyes if we don't wear them well covered. For this reason, this type of polarized sunglasses can also be used by people who practice cycling, running, hiking... Or any sport that involves long exposure to the sun, so it will be appropriate to have filters with the appropriate density for the protection of our sight. Likewise, the eyes that are more sensitive to light or those who have recently undergone eye surgery will help to continuously protect them.

gafas de sol polarizadas

To find out if some sunglasses are polarized, the first thing to do to make sure is to place the lenses in a horizontal position to see as the image looks on them. After this, we must turn the sunglasses and observe how the figure looks from the horizontal position to 60º to 90º. We must bear in mind that if the glass becomes blacker than usual and does not allow you to see to the other side, it means that your sunglasses are fully polarized! Also, many polarized sunglasses often include a letter "P" or the word "Polarized" inscribed on the inside of the temple. In this way, we can make sure that they are certified glasses. If at any time the lens is completely opaque and prevents you from seeing the screen, it is because they are polarized glass, since it barely lets light through.

After being clear that our sunglasses have this protection that we want for our eyes, we must take into account that there are several types of polarized sunglasses, as there are filters of different categories depending on the use we give to these lenses. On the one hand, we can find polarized sunglasses that are clearer, whose filters can let practically 80% of the light through, so we will classify them in category 1. These types of polarized glasses can be useful on cloudy days, but they are clearly insufficient on sunnier days. When this situation occurs, it is highly recommended to have dark polarized sunglasses, which let between 10 and 20% of light through, which we will classify in categories 2 and 3. And if you don't have enough with these categories... don't worry! If you are going to carry out some type of outdoor activity with snow where the reflections for this reason are much more intense, you can opt for special polarized glasses that let in as little light as possible, which would already be category 4. Of course, never use this type of glasses to drive... it is prohibited due to low visibility, you will see much less with them!

gafas de sol polarizadas

If you are wondering now if it is better to go for polarized sunglasses or unpolarized, here we give you the answer! The solution is that it totally depends on the I use that you are going to give yourself to your sunglasses. If, for example, you have to drive on a very sunny day or you are preparing to do sports outdoors, polarized sunglasses will be your best ally to protect your eyes and your safety behind the wheel, that's why you should choose them! However, in more ambiguous cases, such as day-to-day, it will depend on different factors. People with very sensitive eyes may prefer to make more intensive use of polarized glasses with low density filters on a regular basis. On the other hand, if you do not suffer from ocular sensitivity and prefer to have a greater variety of models, you may opt for non-polarized sunglasses, but with UV protection. And it is that the variety of colors of polarized glasses is not as wide as that of traditional ones.

The five keys to be able to choose one quality polarized sunglasses are the type of lens, the certificate of manufacture, the color of the lenses , the type of filters, and above all, the expiration date!Now that you have all the necessary information to be able to decide if you are going to opt for polarized sunglasses or not, we encourage you to take a look at the sunglasses The Indian Face® so you can also choose the ones that best match your style and personality. Do not forget that sunglasses are an essential accessory at any time of the year and that, in addition, they not only protect your eyes from any type of radiation but also complement your looks in a way that very few other accessories do.