Lucas Gilman y su impactante fotografía de aventura


Lucas Gilman and his impressive adventure photography

Adventure never escapes us if we are at the right time and in the right place. This is undoubtedly one of the maxims of action and adventure photographer Lucas Gilman!

Who is Lucas Gilman?

He is one of the leading and most renowned photographers of recent years, who has presented to the world highly powerful and impressive action and adventure photographs , where the protagonists are natural landscapes, action and the “fairy tale” moments that you capture with each click.

His images are almost iconic. To see a photograph of his authorship is to recognize at the moment that Lucas Gilman was behind that shutter, managing to leave his author's signature on each action and adventure photograph that he displays and each moment of adventure that captures

Lucas Gilman Fotografo de Aventura

What is Lucas Gilman's action and adventure photography like?

It stands out for the almost magical combination of the right moment, the right athlete and the right light, where (despite meticulously planned) you leave minimal room for improvisation to find the perfect image. Lucas Gilman doesn't believe in coincidences, he believes in hard work, going for success, and being prepared to embrace it until it becomes a part of you.

“Photography is about capturing what is in front of you at that very moment. You're always trying to put yourself in the best possible situation to be successful,” says Gilman.

Lucas Gilman began his "love affair" with landscapes and photography through fly-fishing, when as a child his father took him and his clients to practice this sport far away from Costa Rica, New Zealand, South America... But for young Lucas the views and nature were his true inspiration. And the love of travel and the outdoors was born that would one day help him become a action and adventure photographer among the most respected in the world. world. For his part, the technical side of his profession is also a very important factor in the equation. Vision, creativity and technique. This is how a photographer achieves quality.

Lucas Gilman Fotografia Aventura

Today his action and adventure photography are very popular in publications and editorial advertisements all over the world. His passion has led him to travel to almost every corner of the planet looking for the best opportunities to take the best pictures. Today it also includes video production, commercial and editorial images, workflow and creative consulting services in the United States and for clients around the world. Lucas Gilman regularly works with advertising and editorial clients globally, including Land Rover, Nikon, SanDisk®, Red Bull, G-Technology, Garmin™, GORE-TEX® National Geographic, Sports Illustrated, ESPN Magazine , and Outside Magazine.

Her love of adventure and fascination with color and textures create her distinctive style of photography and film. Gilman documents diverse adventure themes ranging from expedition kayaking in India and Costa Rica, surfing in Brazil to ski touring in Wyoming, Alaska and South America. In addition, he has covered international events such as the Tour de France, the Kentucky Derby, ESPN X-GAMES, IRONMAN® and the NFL® playoffs.

Lucas Gilman Fotografia Aventura

Lucas Gilman has embraced a fascination with large landscapes. For finding the right place with the best lighting, and always looking for it until it is in front of you. It is there where he decides to photograph. First look for the setting and then the action that is going to happen there. The great landscape is the base, and then the man in action almost concealed. This is one of his key badges in photography.

He considers himself a storyteller, a so-called “storyteller”, because he doesn't show anything, he shows exactly what he saw, what happened and how it happened, the proof of everything, documented there, forever.

Lucas Gilman Fotografia Aventura

He doesn't like simple things, but things well thought out, well done. For him, this is the only way to get good results. According to Gilman, you have to take action, you have to look for the right moment, not wait for it to arrive by magic. Being there, and looking for it: "The more you go out and fight to make these images, the more rewarding they will be in the long run," says Lucas himself.

His creativity leads him to see further and find the best places, tell the best stories, but it is really his impeccable technique, his eagerness to work and his professionalism that separates him from the rest, what makes him unique: "As a professional, you have to isolate yourself from the rest. You have to deliver resources on time and have your customers trust you,” says Gilman.

We refer to the evidence! Here are some of the best action and adventure photos of the great Lucas Gilman , all his own, and all absolutely stunning:

Lucas Gilman Fotografia Acción

Fotografia de Aventura Lucas Gilman

Lucas Gilman Fotografo de Acción

Lucas Gilman Fotografo Accion Aventura

Lucas Gilman Fotografía

Lucas Gilman Fotografía Aventura

Fotografía de Aventura Lucas Gilman

Lucas Gilman

Lucas Gilman Fotografo Aventura