Alan Kempster. Una gran historia de superación


Alan Kempster. A great story of overcoming

Alan Kempster, is a man, rather, a GREAT MAN who in 1999 suffered a brutal motorcycle accident due to a drunk driver who was driving a truck which ran over him . That cowardly driver fled and Alan had to have two of his limbs amputated, an arm and a leg on his right side.

Alan took the recovery time, however, he made one of the most tenacious determinations of him: he said that he would continue in motorcycling competitions, this would be the biggest challenge for him. He modified his motorcycle by moving all the controls to the left side.
I think it's hard to imagine how truly difficult and hard it must have been for Alan to be able to meet his challenge of getting back on the slopes. And the greatest thing is not the fact of having achieved it satisfactorily, but the effort, commitment and above all, the defiant illusion that this LORD has put in order to achieve something that seemed impossible.
My friends, hope is stronger than logic. Do not stop listening to people who tell you logical things to know what to aim for above.
Do not stop watching the video of him that I put below. A greeting to everyone and especially to those like Alan, who have gotten down to work to remove the reason from their logic!!