Andy Irons, una leyenda que nunca olvidaremos


Andy Irons, a legend we will never forget

Talking about Andy Irons is talking about one of the most important figures that surfing has left us. He is American, born in Oahu on July 24, 1978 and died at just 32 years of age, is undoubtedly a reference for surfers around the world.

The career of this professional surfer could not have been more than spectacular, three-time world champion (in 2002, 2003 and 2004), on the ASP World Tour and with accumulated prize money of almost 1,500,000 USD, Andy Irons was a one of the most prolific figures that this beautiful sport has left us.

Irons' career was full of successes and from the beginning he accumulated awards and recognitions all over the world. For example, he was the winner of the Rip Curl Sea in Arica-Chile in 2007, the Quiksilver ProFrance on the South West Coast in France, the Nijjima Quiksilver Pro on Nijjima Island or, among many other countries and trophies, the Australian Rip Curl Bells Beach. It should also be noted that the land where Andy Irons was born also brought innumerable satisfactions to this spectacular surfer and the awards obtained in his homeland are also extremely important, it can well be said that Andy Irons knew how to be and was a prophet in the land of he.

andy irons

Without a doubt, Andy Irons established a chair and became a top-level figure in surfing, so much so that even his story remains immortalized forever in the film that Billabong produced in 2004 and that deals with the world of surfing. surfing and, specifically, about the contribution to it of this great surfer. In addition, this film about surfing and Andy Irons shows us another important aspect in Andy's surfing career, it shows us his rivalry with the other great surfer Kelly Slater. A great rivalry between these two great surfers located in the world elite that has brought years and years of great passion and a fierce fight to be the best in this fantastic sport.

Unfortunately, the life of Andy Irons was cut short on November 2, 2010 when his body was found dead at the Gran Hyatt Hotel at the Dallas-Fort Worth airport. At first, his death was attributed to a worsening of the dengue disease that the athlete had contracted, although the final tests confirmed Andy's death caused by an attack caused by a pre-existing coronary disease linked to drug intake. . Apparently Andy took a mixture of drugs, a fact that was corroborated when methadone was found hidden inside bottles of tranquilizers.

The world of surfing mourned the death of Andy Irons and even his great rival, Kelly Slater, dedicated a win of hers achieved four days after Andy's death, to the memory of the great surfer he had recently traded. Such was the impact of the death of Andy Irons that even the governor of Hawaii decreed February 13 as "Andy Irons Day." Andy Irons, a legend we will never forget