Arx Pax’s Hendo Hoverboard: el primer monopatín volador


Arx Pax's Hendo Hoverboard: the first flying skateboard

The hoverboards or flying skateboards are already a reality. For anyone who has seen the Back to the Future film saga, it is inevitable to remember them with a certain homesickness and good humor.

But, apart from all science fiction stories, technology continues to advance in real life and there is already a prototype of a hoverboard, similar to a classic skateboard, made up of four disk-like motors that generate a magnetic field that makes the table levitate above the surface.

The engineers of the American company ArxPax, creators of Hendo (name of the prototype) explain that the levitation of the skate takes place on a special metallic surface, designed for that purpose, that repels the board and keeps it floating in the air.

Watch this interesting video, in which the operation of the technology is explained and in which you can see images of Hendo:

ArxPax was able to promote the project thanks to the fact that it was presented and financed through the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter.

Greg Henderson, head of the company, assures that this technology is capable of changing the way we imagine and design the structures of our communities: houses, street furniture, vehicles, etc.

For now, these geniuses have only designed the Hendo table as a measure to attract attention and to make the scientific community aware of the potential of these magnetic motors.