Baqueira-Beret, la mejor estación de skí para muchos


Baqueira-Beret, the best ski resort for many

We inaugurated the The Indian Face Blog with the first post of 2014 about one of the best ski and snowboard resorts in Spain, Baqueira-Beret. We want to help you with our recommendations on restaurants, hotels, places to drink, etc. so if you are organizing a weekend of snow I suggest you keep reading!!!

Baqueira-Beret is the largest ski resort in Spain and is located in the Arán Valley (Lérida), in the Catalan Pyrenees. It is made up of three large ski areas: Baqueira, Beret and Bonaigua. Its 120 kilometers of slopes (the majority facing North) are divided into 6 green, 36 blue, 29 red and 7 black slopes and innumerable blades and itineraries for Freeride lovers. Baqueira is characterized by very well prepared slopes and excellent quality snow, as well as its 26 modern ski lifts that transport skiers at high speed avoiding the formation of the typical long lines.

The ski pass for adults costs €47 per day and €31 for minors. At the weekend they are €86 (adults) and €53 (children). It is not exactly the cheapest ski resort that we can find, but it is one of the best both in terms of service and infrastructure.

If you are a lover of Freeride, we can only say 2 names: Marconi and Escornacrabes. We put some more videos below these downloads. Rate yourself!!

Of all the number of hotels and restaurants that the resort offers, we recommend the following: Rafael Hotels by La Pleta, Val de Neu and the Himàlaia Baqueira and restaurants the Pinotage Restaurant and Cafe, the Tartería and Casa Irene. To eat on the slopes: Moët Winter Lounge (posture with music and pure show off) and the Restaurant 1,800/ 5J Grill.

Baqueira is not only known for its incredible slopes, but also because it leads the front pages of the gossip press due to the number of celebrities who are seen every winter in its cafes, restaurants and nightclubs. Celebrities such as the Royal Family, Mar Flores, Belén Rueda and the Aznar family, among others. So if you fancy a good “selfie” with the famous on duty, we recommend a couple of places: Artíes with two bars, El Divino (Era Hònt, 5) and La Luna (Major, 1) until 03:00; and for the most energetic there is the Montana nightclub in Baqueira.

If sport isn't your thing and you're looking for a plan b, don't hesitate to visit the Tredos Baths (Banhs de Tredòs) or the Artíes Thermal Baths (Banhs D'Arties). Another option is the plan at the Mongarri Refuge, you go by snowmobile or dog sled and eat there.

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