Barcelona X Games. Del 16 al 19 de Mayo de 2013


Barcelona X Games. From May 16 to 19, 2013

There is nothing left for the Barcelona X Games next May. It seems unbelievable how fast time flies.

Barcelona will host the X Games extreme sports competition. The greatest figures of skateboarding, BMX, Moto X and world Rally Cross will parade through the Montjuïc mountain for 4 days: Travis Pastrana, Pierre-Luc Gagnon, Marcus Gronholm or Kyle Loza have been some of its champions in the history of the ESPN event .

The X Games, too, is more than just a sports competition; Since its inception, extreme sport has been linked to a lifestyle that goes further and extends to music, fashion and urban art, which will also have their space on the esplanade of the Barcelona Olympic Ring.

The price of tickets will be between €14 and €30, except for the urban rally circuit, which will be free.

It has also been confirmed that extreme sport games will continue in Barcelona until 2015.

For more information about the X Games you can consult their official website.

Here is the promotional spot. There is nothing like putting on a t-shirt, pants and sneakers and going skating with your board through the streets of Barcelona. Enjoy it!!

The X Games of Barcelona will open the competition program on Thursday, May 16 at the Montjuïc Municipal Pool. What was once the privileged setting for the trampoline jumping competition at the 1992 Olympic Games will once again become a spectacular visual icon of the city to witness the Skateboard finals in the Vert mode. The following day, this discipline, which takes place in a Half Pipe, will once again be the protagonist in the BMX Freestyle finals.

Skateboarding and BMX Freestyle will also take place on other prominent stages. In both sports, the Street and Park disciplines will take place in two large facilities located in the Anella Olímpica and built especially for the occasion.

The Palau Sant Jordi will host the Skateboard and BMX Freestyle Big Air modality for two sessions, with an imposing 25-meter-high mega-amp.

Motorcycle competitions will take place at the Estadi Olímpic de Montjuïc. Moto X Freestyle and Enduro X will star in the session on Saturday the 18th, while the spectacular RallyCross event will take place in the same stadium the following day. The rest of the motor competitions (Moto X in the Step Up, Best Trick and Best Whip modalities) will take place at the Palau Sant Jordi.

31.000 square meters of sports facilities
X Games Barcelona will build a total of 31.000m2 of competition circuits that will be distributed in the four facilities that will host the competitions: Palau Sant Jordi, Montjuïc Municipal Pool, Esplanada Anella Olímpica and Estadi Olímpic Lluis Companys. This figure is equivalent to 4 times the dimensions of a football stadium like the Camp Nou. As for the competitions held at the Palau Sant Jordi and Estadi Olímpic, 12 will also be needed.000 cubic meters of earth with which an Olympic swimming pool could be filled up to 5 times.

Barcelona as the world capital of sports
Barcelona will once again be the world capital of sports by catching X Games Barcelona in what will be the most important sporting event in the Catalan capital in recent years, both economically and socially. Regarding this, X Games Barcelona plans to generate an economic return for the city of up to 126 million euros and bring together 420.000 people during the three consecutive years in which Barcelona will host this competition.

X Games Barcelona 2013 will have a team of more than 2.000 people including staff, health services, catering staff, television broadcasting and volunteers.

Anthony Dittmann, Director of Operations ESPN X Games, comments:
“This is the first year that X Games has organized a competition of this size in Europe and we are eager for the citizens of Barcelona can enjoy all the top-level spectacle represented by the X Games”